Venus and Mars in Virgo

Venus meets Mars in Virgo tomorrow morning at 3.04 am (AEST), so you will be keen to attract the opposite sex when you wake up or during your dreams.  The only problem will be both Venus and Mars will find it difficult to act true to their nature in the sign!

Venus has limited strength in the sign of the virgin, she is intent on gaining approval through serving in order to be loved, she has no kudos with others, in the opposite sign to Pisces where she is honored.  Although she underestimates her own worth, she has a huge need for beauty and perfection and can be very critical when others don’t meet  her high standards with what they offer her.

Mars is not much more comfortable in the sign!  In Virgo he is extremely cautious and considers each action before he moves forward, they all must be purposeful.  He too has incredible attention to detail and is prepared to take his time to achieve perfection.  He has little tolerance when others don’t meet his exacting standards especially around being responsible and doing their duty.

Overall this merger of passionate energies is personified by self-expression of creativity and love.  If you can be tolerant and repress your need to be critical of what doesn’t  meet your perfect ideal of how love should be, then it can be an enjoyable transit.  Venus can more easily soften her reactions and attempt to meet her partner’s needs as the desire to connect can overpower her critical nature.

Between 3 am and 10 am the Moon in Gemini will merge energy with the asteroid Astarte, the most ancient and more war like archetype of Venus.  This will add strength to your aggressive need to relate with the opposite sex and help you be more affectionate and vivacious enabling a more satisfying time to all parties concerned.  It is a time when you will feel happy with people in general and keen to make them approve of you.