The Capricorn Congress around Saturn conjunct Pluto becomes strongest tomorrow morning around 3.56 am (AEDT).  Its  happening at 22 degrees and 46 minutes of Capricorn so in it’s 23rd degree!  The Sabian symbol is about compensation for good work, “A soldier receiving two awards for bravery in combat”.  This could be defined as the reward offered by society for the fulfilment of individual responsibility.

Saturn (reality, responsibility, timing and the rules) coming together with Pluto (what is under the surface, eradication of what is not authentic and transformation).  Its about fixing what is rotten and corrupt, so redistributing power, reversing what is not moral or authentic.  Testing the integrity of how power is being used from a global perspective followed by karmic retribution and a fall from grace.  Fixing or completely rebuilding existing power structures with associated temptations for corruption and enhanced ambition and drive to gain power over others.

Saturn and Pluto come together in conjunction every 33 to 38 years. The last times this occurred were 1982, 1947 and 1914. It signifies a redistribution of power in the world, who are the influencers, who is in charge of resources, the value of the resources, issues of morality, integrity, capabilities and resilience, the karmic consequences of misguided actions. During previous times wars have ended and there have been periods of recession.

On a personal level maybe reflect on what was going on in your life and the world around November 1982! How do you need to work harder to bring your capabilities to the fore and express them out to a broader community during 2020?  You should examine where in your chart this Capricorn stellium will be focused.  The Sun, Ceres and Mercury will also be within one degree of orb of the conjunction.  The South Node and Jupiter will be earlier in the sign representing how you need to work hard to overcome past repressed emotional patterns.  This emphasis will continue throughout 2020 so you need to focus on the affairs of the house it is transiting in your natal chart.

The emphasis for January and indeed for most of 2020 is Capricorn and Saturnian, due to the presence of three of the slower moving and more social/collective planets in Saturns’s signs of the Sea Goat and the Water Bearer Aquarius.  The effects will be seen most clearly in the collective, as Mother Earth flexes her muscles and shows her displeasure at the way greed and materialism is depleting her resources.  We are experiencing this already through climate change, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.  Here in Australia this is already being evidenced through intense fires.   There is strong denial and refusal to take responsibility by those in power, despite condemnation on a global basis.  Our natural wildlife has been tragically decimated.

From Boxing Day 2019 until December 15 2020 there will be a total of 7 eclipses as the Nodes of the Moon change sign from Cancer North Node/Capricorn South Node to Gemini North Node/ Sagittarius on May 7 2020.  Eclipses bring chaos and  unexpected events, often involving the Earth protesting in one way or another.  The archetype of Cancer of course includes Mother Earth, home, family, nurturing and support, opening ourselves up to love.  The North Node of the Moon has been pointing us towards this since November 2018.

Capricorn is the polarity of Cancer representing corporations, governments, materialism and the patriarchy.  The South Node of the Moon in Capricorn represents this, as what makes us feel in control, what we are used to doing, what success looks like.  But does it?  In January Capricorn will be in overload and the polarity out of balance, as the Sun and Mercury make connections to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in the sign.