Aquarius Full Moon 2019

Venus and the Sun made their exact conjunction and Star Point yesterday at 4.07 pm. Today Mercury will finally leave behind his shadow phase and nothing will be holding back your positive view of life, its full steam ahead. The Aquarius Full Moon will fall five and a half hours later at 10.29 pm (AEST), with the Moon at 22 degrees and 24 minutes, the 23rd degree of Aquarius and the Sun opposite in Leo.

Jupiter Stations Direct with Sun Venus Yod

Its a changing of the guard over the next day as Jupiter Stations Direct in Sagittarius at 11.37 pm tonight (AEST) and Uranus in Taurus is preparing to Station Retrograde tomorrow at 12 26 pm.  Jupiter is linked to already retrograde Neptune by their common rulership of Pisces they have dominion over your belief systems