Transformation Through Memories

Transformation through memories tomorrow as the Moon in Sagittarius will be merging with powerful asteroid Hekate tomorrow morning from 8 am to 11.30 am, bringing messages of wisdom to help with your ongoing spiritual transformation. 

Sun Trine North Node in Cancer

Tomorrow the Sun will make exact his trine to the north Node in Cancer at 12.10 pm (AEDT).  Your life force and ego will be working in unison with your Life Purpose in helping you to open up to feeling love

Sun:Isis Libra New Moon Followed by Asteroid Party

The Sun conjunct Isis Libra New Moon this morning will be followed up by an asteroid party tonight, through to 2 pm on Monday afternoon! Lets celebrate!  Isis brings magic, love and resurrection to all in her path, including a very special Libra lady having a significant birthday today!  Happy Birthday Deborah Wallish James! 

Venus Quincunx Uranus

Venus in Libra will move on from her 180 degree opposition to Chiron in Aries  tonight, to make a  150 degree quincunx connection with Uranus in Taurus, tomorrow night.  Five signs apart there are adjustments to be made, the element, modality and charge are all different.  However in this case, both planets are in signs that Venus  is totally at home with, so that puts her in the driving seat! 

Sun Conjunct Mars Great For New Projects!

Sun conjunct Mars great for new projects becomes exact tonight at 8.42 pm (AEST)!  I couldn't have picked a better energy to launch my new membership program, but I only worked with the Moon's placement!  Aspects in astrology are always stronger when they are moving together or applying.