Mercury Squares Mars

Mercury will move to make a tense square or 90 degree angle aspect to Mars tonight at 8.41 pm, so today as this energy builds be careful how you communicate, as your expressions may cause actions and conflict that you didn't intend. 

Venus into Capricorn

Venus will move into Capricorn at 11.28 am tomorrow November 26, after spending some 24 days in Sagittarius!  She will be treading the same path as her fellow benefic Jupiter, when he enters the sign of the Sea Goat on December 3, moving from an expansive Jupiter ruled sign, searching for what is truth and new horizons to Saturn ruled Capricorn where they will form something more practical and constant out of their new experiences! 

Aries Full Moon

The Aries Full Moon will fall on 14 October at 8.08 am, at 20 degrees and 13 minutes the 21st degree of Aries, with the Sun opposite in Libra. The Sabian Symbol for the Moon is “A pugilist enters the ring”.

Sun:Isis Libra New Moon Followed by Asteroid Party

The Sun conjunct Isis Libra New Moon this morning will be followed up by an asteroid party tonight, through to 2 pm on Monday afternoon! Lets celebrate!  Isis brings magic, love and resurrection to all in her path, including a very special Libra lady having a significant birthday today!  Happy Birthday Deborah Wallish James! 

Mercury’s Turn To Heal With Chiron

It's Mercury's turn to heal with Chiron today as he made exact a quincunx or five sign aspect to Chiron at 3.56 am (AEST) this morning.  As covered in a post here last week  This aspect resonates strongly with sign of Virgo and Mercury is the last of the personal planets to make the connection in recent times.