Solar Energy Building Over the Weekend

Solar Energy building over the weekend as the Sun moves towards his Solstice point in Cancer on Sunday.  Mars has been sextiling Pluto causing you to consider changes to the important goals in your life,

Huge Stellium in Capricorn Tomorrow

Huge stellium of planets and asteroids in Capricorn tomorrow from 11 am to 4 am on Thursday morning.  The Moon in Capricorn will be moving through the archetypes of Ceres, Diana, Dionysus, Pallas Athena, Mars, Jupiter, Prosperina and Pluto.

Mercury’s Union with the Sun

Mercury will reach the midpoint of his Retrograde Cycle tomorrow at 2.02 am, making his Union with the Sun.  This will be a wonderful time to reflect on the messages you would like to use to help others understand your point of view and how you might initiate their delivery. 

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