Mercury Stations Direct in Scorpio

Mercury stationed direct this morning in Scorpio at 6.11 am (AEDT), so it should become easier to find the right time to achieve things.  We aren't quite out of the woods yet however, it will take him until December 8 to move back over all the degrees he retraced his steps over! 

Mercury Moves into Virgo

Mercury moves into Virgo tomorrow at 5.47 pm (AEST), his favorite sign, where he can act true to himself and be held in high esteem by all the other planets.  He joins fellow personal planets Venus and Mars alongside the Sun, soon to be joined by the Moon on Friday at 9.57 am, in time for the Virgo New Moon later that evening.

Mars and Mercury Join the Jupiter Uranus Pluto T Square

Mars and Mercury join the Jupiter Uranus Pluto T Square on February 22, bringing opportunity to come up with more creative solutions to the dilemmas it imposes or alternatively bring in additional sources of conflict! It certainly will be a day of many planetary aspects as the Moon in Capricorn returns to an area of the Zodiac heavily populated by the intuitive asteroids.

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