Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

Mercury in Pisces will be will be Stationing Retrograde today, February 17 at 11.53 am after entering the sign on February 3. His shadow period began on February 2, at 28 degrees 15’ of Aquarius, the position in the Zodiac he will retrograde back to.

Venus into Capricorn

Venus will move into Capricorn at 11.28 am tomorrow November 26, after spending some 24 days in Sagittarius!  She will be treading the same path as her fellow benefic Jupiter, when he enters the sign of the Sea Goat on December 3, moving from an expansive Jupiter ruled sign, searching for what is truth and new horizons to Saturn ruled Capricorn where they will form something more practical and constant out of their new experiences! 

Relationship Crises as Venus Squares Pluto

Intense emotional experiences and relationship crises loom as Venus the planet of relationship perfects a tense square to Pluto God of the Underworld, exact at 2.17 pm tomorrow (AEST).  Changes will be brewing in one of your relationships which cannot be avoided

Venus Square Jupiter Have a Good Day!

The energy from Venus square Jupiter is have a good day, ,strongest at 2.23 am (AEST) in the morning on September 3.  Not an easy time to be self-disciplined, when these two planetary energies combine it is possible you will indulge yourself in things which are not good for your long term well being. 

Venus Trines Uranus After Forming A Tense Square to Chiron

Venus trines Uranus after forming a tense square to Chiron today. You will feel restless and unsettled, in need of excitement. The same old same old just won’t do today! Venus in Sagittarius is keen to try new pleasures at the best of times, so when she forms an easy flowing trine aspect to Uranus in Aries, combining Fire with Fire, things are ready to go off in some way.