Sun Trine North Node in Cancer

Tomorrow the Sun will make exact his trine to the north Node in Cancer at 12.10 pm (AEDT).  Your life force and ego will be working in unison with your Life Purpose in helping you to open up to feeling love

Sun:Isis Libra New Moon Followed by Asteroid Party

The Sun conjunct Isis Libra New Moon this morning will be followed up by an asteroid party tonight, through to 2 pm on Monday afternoon! Lets celebrate!  Isis brings magic, love and resurrection to all in her path, including a very special Libra lady having a significant birthday today!  Happy Birthday Deborah Wallish James! 

Venus With Uranus Equals Excitement

Venus with Uranus equals excitement!!  You will be looking to do something different today!  Venus is in Virgo and making a trine connection to Uranus in Taurus.  They are in the same sign of Earth, so they can get along well together doing practical, material and even sensual things. 

Taurus Full Moon Fixed Square Nodes

The Taurus Full Moon Square Nodes will bring clarity to shine on your material world tomorrow October 25 (AEDT).  She will be at 1 degrees and 13 minutes, the 2nd degree of Taurus, with the Sun opposite in Scorpio.

Venus Conjunct Jupiter – The Brightest Star

Venus conjunct Jupiter will become exact in the sky at 7.15 pm this evening (AEDT).  Of course we won't be able to see this here in Melbourne for two reasons, the Sun will still be bringing light to our sky and Venus is currently in the early Morning Star phase of her cycle, so only visible just before Sunrise. 

Venus in Sagittarius Involves Breaking Free

Venus in Sagittarius involves breaking free to soar again this evening October 18 at 6 pm (AEDT), at a time when the Moon is sitting in Taurus, one of the signs which Venus rules. So love is in the air as Venus is the planet which has dominion over relationships, what we are attracted to and our desire nature.