Moon Conjunct Eris

The Moon in Aries will be conjunct dwarf planet Eris in a clear sky from 8 pm to midnight tonight, bringing symbols of discord and competition among women over beauty!  How will you feel judged against others over your appearance or how will you see this archetype exhibited out in the collective?  This sits so perfectly in Aries energy with its urge to win and be first!

Mars Quincunx Chiron Increases Curiosity

Mars made exact his quincunx to Chiron at 6.30 am today, so your dreams probably had a flavor of incessant curiosity and frustration.  This aspect brings an obsessive need to collect and understand all the detail about any questions that plague you, consciously or unconsciously! 

Scorpio New Moon October 31 2016

The Scorpio New Moon occurs on Monday October 31 at 4.38 am (AEST) at 7 degrees and 43 minutes of the sign, turning the spotlight on the penetrating intensity of the sign. Scorpio energy had already been strengthened by the presence of the feminine asteroids Juno and Astraea; along with Black Moon Lilith, who represents the anger from all that has been repressed in the power of the feminine, within the rational-logical and materially focused world.

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