Moon Catches Up With Saturn In Capricorn

Tomorrow evening the Moon catches up with Saturn in Capricorn, along with her South Node.  She moved into Capricorn at 8.37 pm on Saturday evening (AEST), getting more serious about what needed to be done and done right! 

Uranus Stations Retrograde in Taurus

Uranus stations retrograde today in Taurus at 12.26 pm (AEST), it is time to review how authentic you have been in living with insecurity in the material foundations that you rely on.  What has changes have taken place in your material world since March 6 and how has this made you more authentic towards yourself and your true material needs? 

Mercury Stationed Direct in Pisces

Mercury Stationed Direct just 58 minutes after midnight (AEDT) but you are not out of the woods yet! He still has to go back over the portion of the Zodiac he revisited whilst Retrograde.