Aries Full Moon

The Aries Full Moon will fall on 14 October at 8.08 am, at 20 degrees and 13 minutes the 21st degree of Aries, with the Sun opposite in Libra. The Sabian Symbol for the Moon is “A pugilist enters the ring”.

Sun:Isis Libra New Moon Followed by Asteroid Party

The Sun conjunct Isis Libra New Moon this morning will be followed up by an asteroid party tonight, through to 2 pm on Monday afternoon! Lets celebrate!  Isis brings magic, love and resurrection to all in her path, including a very special Libra lady having a significant birthday today!  Happy Birthday Deborah Wallish James! 

Sun Conjunct Mars Great For New Projects!

Sun conjunct Mars great for new projects becomes exact tonight at 8.42 pm (AEST)!  I couldn't have picked a better energy to launch my new membership program, but I only worked with the Moon's placement!  Aspects in astrology are always stronger when they are moving together or applying.

Sagittarius Full Moon with Saturn

The Sagittarius Full Moon with Saturn in the driving seat will fall on 30 May, at 0.20 am (AEST). This Full Moon will illuminate the wisdom in your soul. In Sagittarius the truth from this powerful Moon has the power to heal after she has burnt away the dross.

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, Leo Full Moon 2017

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, Leo Full Moon falls on February 11 at 11.34 am (AEDT). Obviously, in daylight, it will not be visible here in Australia, but the US will see it at Moon rise, most of the Asian region at Moon set, and Europe will be able to see it all.

Mars Conjunct Pluto: Control the Rage!

Mars conjunct Pluto energy brings the opportunity to balance uncontrolled violence and rage into power and mastery. Pluto is the higher octave of Mars, representing the power of our soul, our unconscious and evolutionary transformation. Mars is the warrior who gives us the courage to act, our deepest and most savage emotional drive.

Venus in Sagittarius Involves Breaking Free

Venus in Sagittarius involves breaking free to soar again this evening October 18 at 6 pm (AEDT), at a time when the Moon is sitting in Taurus, one of the signs which Venus rules. So love is in the air as Venus is the planet which has dominion over relationships, what we are attracted to and our desire nature.