Jupiter Conjunction with Pluto and Pallas Athena

Jupiter conjunction with Pluto and asteroid Pallas Athena this afternoon at 3.46 pm. This is their second of their three conjunctions of 2020, this time in retrograde motion, as will the asteroid Pallas Athena be

Mars enters Aries Tomorrow

Mars will enter Aries tomorrow, changing sign from Pisces at 11.45 am (AEST)!  Aries is the sign of his rulership where he will remain until January 7 2021, due to stationing retrograde on September 10 at 28 degrees and 09 minutes of the sign. 

Mercury Finally Left Pisces For Aries

Mercury finally left Pisces for Aries yesterday, Saturday at 2.48 pm (AEST) what a relief!  The Trickster has been at his trickiest in Pisces, since February 3, including for most of his retrograde cycle bar from March 4 to 18 when he went back into Aquarius briefly as he was turning direct.

Sun in Aries Conjunct Chiron

The Sun in Aries is conjunct Chiron the Wounded Healer, perfecting at 12.07 am tomorrow morning.  This short-term aspect of the Sun activates and illuminates the wounds from your Natal Chiron position as well as any issues with knowing who you are and what you have come here to do.

Moon Conjunct Eris

The Moon in Aries will be conjunct dwarf planet Eris in a clear sky from 8 pm to midnight tonight, bringing symbols of discord and competition among women over beauty!  How will you feel judged against others over your appearance or how will you see this archetype exhibited out in the collective?  This sits so perfectly in Aries energy with its urge to win and be first!