Mercury Opposition Chiron Tomorrow Morning

Mercury opposition Chiron tomorrow morning exact at 2.54 am (AEST).  You are being challenged to gain a greater understanding of your woundedness as described by the position of Chiron at your birth.  You will be offered the potential to make connections between  aspects that are confusing within these wounds and issues and then to communicate your insights to others around you to cement in some action.

Saturn Squares Chiron for Final Time

Chiron in Pisces makes his presence known at the beginning of the month when Saturn in Sagittarius makes his final exact square to the Wounded Healer, at 8.56 am on November 3 (AEDT), empowering us all to attend to healing our deepest wounds, and to stop blaming others for causing them!

Venus in Capricorn : A Desire For Security

Venus in Capricorn begins a changing of the guard among the faster moving personal planets today! Our desire nature becomes much more clingy, we want to hang onto what is solid and secure in our relationships

A Collective Vote for Another American Revolution

The symbols of astrology are always so much easier to see in hindsight! In the end it just came down to the basics! Mars the planet of action and war moved into Aquarius yesterday, joining the Moon another sign representing reaction and emotions. Aquarius symbolizes the collective, what is right for the people, the group, and also chaotic change and revolution. So that is what the people of America voted for, a revolution against the system of Government that wasn’t working for them!

Venus Trines Uranus After Forming A Tense Square to Chiron

Venus trines Uranus after forming a tense square to Chiron today. You will feel restless and unsettled, in need of excitement. The same old same old just won’t do today! Venus in Sagittarius is keen to try new pleasures at the best of times, so when she forms an easy flowing trine aspect to Uranus in Aries, combining Fire with Fire, things are ready to go off in some way.