Sun in Aries Conjunct Chiron

The Sun in Aries is conjunct Chiron the Wounded Healer, perfecting at 12.07 am tomorrow morning.  This short-term aspect of the Sun activates and illuminates the wounds from your Natal Chiron position as well as any issues with knowing who you are and what you have come here to do.

Moon Conjunct Eris

The Moon in Aries will be conjunct dwarf planet Eris in a clear sky from 8 pm to midnight tonight, bringing symbols of discord and competition among women over beauty!  How will you feel judged against others over your appearance or how will you see this archetype exhibited out in the collective?  This sits so perfectly in Aries energy with its urge to win and be first!

Mercury Sextile Pluto

Mercury is making a productive sextile to Pluto at the moment, exact at 1.09 pm tomorrow.  Mercury will be making three helpful sextiles to Pluto in total, during this cycle, on October 20 (direct), November 10 (retrograde) and December 3 (final direct).

Aries Full Moon

The Aries Full Moon will fall on 14 October at 8.08 am, at 20 degrees and 13 minutes the 21st degree of Aries, with the Sun opposite in Libra. The Sabian Symbol for the Moon is “A pugilist enters the ring”.

Mercury Opposition Chiron Tomorrow Morning

Mercury opposition Chiron tomorrow morning exact at 2.54 am (AEST).  You are being challenged to gain a greater understanding of your woundedness as described by the position of Chiron at your birth.  You will be offered the potential to make connections between  aspects that are confusing within these wounds and issues and then to communicate your insights to others around you to cement in some action.