Sun Opposition Neptune Exact Tomorrow Evening

The Sun opposition Neptune becomes exact tomorrow evening, Tuesday (AEST).  In the build up tomorrow you will have a day of feeling somewhat confused and uncertain, but your sensitivity will also surface making you more aware of the needs of others.

Capricorn New Moon

The energy from the Jupiter Pluto sextile carries into the Capricorn New Moon on 17 January, at 1.17 pm (AEDT) at 26 degrees and 54 minutes of the sign, its 27th degree. The Sabian symbol for this is “Pilgrims climbing the steep steps leading to a mountain shrine” it represents the ascent of the individualised consciousness to the highest realisations reached by the spiritual leaders of the culture.

Total Solar Eclipse in Leo 2017

Total Solar Eclipse in Leo 2017 is exact tomorrow morning 22 August at 4.30 am (AEST) and receiving a lot of attention, as it will be the first Total Solar Eclipse visible across continental USA in 99 years and significant world events traditionally tend to erupt along the path of an eclipse.

Partial Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius and Leo

This Partial Lunar eclipse, exact on August 8 at 4.12 am (AEST), will be visible over all of Australia, between 3 am and 5 am in Melbourne, more at Moon set for those in the coastal regions of NSW and QLD.