Taurus Full Moon

The Scorpio Sun has an appointment to gain some clarity from the Taurus Full Moon at 0.34 am, just after midnight tomorrow November 13 (AEDT)!

Moon in Capricorn Gets Serious

The Moon in Capricorn gets serious tomorrow as she has her monthly catch up with the stellium of planets and asteroids in the sign.  They have been hanging out together for months preparing for the Saturn Pluto conjunction on January 13 2020 (AEST) in 3 Moon cycles' time! 

Continuing Connections between Virgo Planets and Outer Planets

Connections continue between the Virgo Personal Planets and the Outer Planets on Monday (AEST).  The Sun will make exact a square to Jupiter in Sagittarius at 1.26 am giving you the energy to get ahead providing you are disciplined and avoid being excessive.