New Moon in Aries: the New World Begins

New Moon in Aries, the New World begins just one degree from making an exact conjunction with Chiron the Wounded Healer, also tightly squaring the Nodal Axis! This will trigger long term sore spots in everyone’s sense of self-esteem and self-identity.

Weird Dreams With Moon Conjunct Neptune

Weird dreams tonight with Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune from Midnight until 4 am!  Your fantasy generator will be stimulated and you will drift off into your own private world!  This is the best time to experience this transit as you won't be around other people to pick up their energy or try to solve their problems.

Taurus Full Moon

The Scorpio Sun has an appointment to gain some clarity from the Taurus Full Moon at 0.34 am, just after midnight tomorrow November 13 (AEDT)!

Understanding Relationships through Venus and Chiron

Understanding Relationships through Venus and Chiron can be a frustrating business, particularly when Venus is in Scorpio and not on the same page as Chiron in Aries, yet alone retrograde! 

Pisces Full Moon: Time to Clarify Your Future

The Pisces Full Moon will bring her clarity to shine on your material world on September 14, she will be at 21 degrees and 05 minutes, the 22nd degree of Pisces, with the Sun opposite in Virgo.   The Moon in Pisces will connect up with Black Moon Lilith from midnight until 4 am, AEST), so there will be a feeling of resentment in your dreams about being undervalued because you were a woman not a man!

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