Neptune Stations Retrograde

On June 23 Neptune will join the throng of retrograde outer planets, stationing retrograde at 2.32 pm (AEST), and encouraging you to examine the way you work with compassion and sensitivity in your life

Venus Conjunct Saturn Makes Love More Serious

Venus conjunct Saturn makes love more serious! Venus will be merging energy with Saturn tomorrow, exactly conjunct at 9.04 pm (AEDT), however sometimes the energy can be stronger as they are moving together!

Time to Make It Happen

Its time to make it happen as Mercury and the Sun in Scorpio move towards productive relationships with the big boys in Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.  With Mercury sextile Saturn coming together in the early hours you will be able to take life seriously through your dreams.  You will be intent on getting the best outcome possible. 

Mercury Stations Direct Sagittarius New Moon

Mercury Stations Direct at 8.21 am on December 7 at 27 degrees and 17 minutes of Scorpio. His time journeying back through Sagittarius has been chaotic for many of us in terms of travel arrangements and technology so from now until he leaves his post-retrograde cycle on December 23