Sun into Libra as Mercury Squares Saturn

Sun into Libra, as Mercury squares Saturn on Monday September 23 at 2.18 am (AEST).  You will find it difficult to fully understand the messages that come through in your dreams.  It will be hard to make a good impression and you will easily be able to feel depressed. 

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, Leo Full Moon 2017

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, Leo Full Moon falls on February 11 at 11.34 am (AEDT). Obviously, in daylight, it will not be visible here in Australia, but the US will see it at Moon rise, most of the Asian region at Moon set, and Europe will be able to see it all.

Venus Square Neptune : Beware the Rose Colored Glasses

Venus square Neptune stimulates romantic idealism and the “rose colored glasses” syndrome around those you love! This combination allows us to see the potential in situations and love opportunities without running this through our filter of reality.