Sun merges energy with North Node

In the centre of all the focus on Leo energy through this powerful eclipse season, the Sun merges energy with the North Node of the Moon within the sign, strongest around 8 am this morning (AEST). These are two of the strongest forces in the human character the pull to develop our individuality, be the person we have the potential to become and follow the purpose our soul set for us in this incarnation.

The Sun conjunct the North Node encourages you to develop a healthy ego through your association with others, to feel good about yourself and the way you connect to the greater community that you operate within. It may be that you make new contacts which are beneficial to this goal or just that you receive indications from others around you that you are getting this right or wrong as the case may be. In either case your shared experiences with the public become important in your personal development in some way over this time.

The quest to find life purpose through the North Node is further strengthened by the Grand Trine in Fire it has formed with Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries, further strengthening the need to get what is valued right and be true to your own unique individuality.

Venus makes a challenging square to Jupiter, the planet of expansion and in some cases excess, at the same time. This could help your popularity with others and the positive achievement of your feeling positive about your public recognition, just be careful you don’t get over confident and start to be come arrogant or boastful as this won’t help your cause. As always balance is the key.

From 2 am to 5 am this morning the Moon in Gemini connected with the asteroid Dionysus, archetype of wine, women and song, having a good time. Maybe not the best way to connect with the public! Between 2 pm and 6.30 pm the Moon moves on to connect with Kassandra and Demeter who have a very different experience. Kassandra could see the future very clearly, but lacked the ability to be believed, perhaps she didn’t believe in her predictions herself? Demeter lost the person she loved most compulsively, her daughter, to Persephone’s need to become a woman in her own right and have her own life.

All three archetypes have lessons to open our eyes around some of the traps when we seek to develop a healthy relationship with the public.