Vesta with Virgo Sun

The Sun will change sign to Virgo tonight opening up the door for spring!  It’s time to look at the way you are living your life on a daily basis, and decide what habits and routines need to be swept out of the door for the future!  Don’t you hate the cold and dark winter months?  Well it’s time to focus in on what you need to change in order to live a happier, healthy life.

The responsible and security loving Taurus Moon will be hanging out with the asteroid Vesta between 11.30 am and 3.30 pm today (AEST).  Vesta is one of the biggest asteroids in the belt between Mars and Jupiter, the fourth to be discovered, she was named for the third sister of Jupiter/Zeus.  While you are possibly less aware of her story from myth, she made her presence known through the hearth or fireplace which was kept perpetually alight in every temple and home since ancient times.

Vesta is the flame that burns bright inside you all, she represents the purity of fire which enables your intuition and your Mercury mind to sit together and integrate.  How peaceful do you feel as you gaze into a flame?  It quietens down the world around and inside you, so that you can just be.

Today is a great time to sit and reflect on your life and decide what is working and what needs to change so that your body is kept healthy and you feel happy and at peace on a daily basis.  The Sun will ingress into Virgo at 8.01 pm, joining Mars and Venus, the emphasis will be more and more on being productive and doing things right.

From 7 pm to 11 pm the Moon will merge energy with the plutoid or dwarf planet Sedna, named for the Inuit Goddess of the Sea Mammals, (the whales, dolphins and seals), essential to the Inuit’s livelihood, as their main source of food.  Sedna carries the archetype of making the right or wrong choices.  She made the wrong choice in a husband and looked to her father to rescue her.  That wasn’t a good choice either as he ended up sacrificing her to save his own skin.

Sedna is associated with the health of the planet, how well we are working to preserve Mother Earth and the destructive earthquakes and changes to the climate when we don’t!  Humanity seems to be making the wrong choices here at the moment through many government approaches to conservation.

Make sure you make the right choices for yourself as you decide how you are going to live your life on a daily basis, moving forward in this cycle of Virgo!