Solar Sekhmet Prayer

Solar Energy building over the weekend as the Sun moves towards his Solstice point in Cancer on Sunday.  Mars has been sextiling Pluto causing you to consider changes to the important goals in your life, this perfected at 9.08 am this morning (AEST).  Tomorrow he moves on to sextile Jupiter opening up new opportunities in any activities you wish to engage in, making your future goals much clearer, bringing more energy and encouraging you to take a broader perspective.  This aspect will build throughout today perfecting on Saturday at 5.55 pm.

The Moon in Gemini is merging energy with the asteroid Sekhmet, powerful Egyptian Solar neter, right hand of Ra, bringing you courage and strength to deal with your challenges.  this evening from 5 pm until midnight, Luna will be joining Venus, and the asteroids Nephthys and Hopi, helping you to birth any new projuects you are considering, linking them to the power of the starry sky and the beautiful land we live on.

You will be asked to question your assumptions and beliefs and make sure you are certain of your facts on June 20, when the Sun will meet up with the North Node for the first time in this Gemini/Sagittarius nodal cycle.    The Sun will change sign into Cancer the following day, June 21 at 7.43 just 9 hours before he meets up with the Moon for the eclipse.  You will want to communicate about family matters or with your family at this time, letting everyone know what you need going into the future.

The Moon has an assignment with the asteroid Aphrodite tomorrow afternoon from 3 pm to 7 pm in the evening.  Then from 8 pm to midnight she will be hanging out with Prosperina, the roman equivalent of Persephone encouraging you to work with your unconscious power issues.  She will meet up with another Lunar Goddess, Hathor from Egypt in the morning from 6 am to 10 am, before connecting with her North Node from 12 pm to 4 pm in preparation for her move into Cancer just in time for the Cancer New Moon and Annular Solar Eclipse at 4.41 pm.