Saturn Retrograde

Saturn stationed direct today May 11 at 2.09 pm from 1 degrees and 57 minutes of Aquarius and will return to Capricorn on June 30.  He will continue backward motion through Capricorn until  September 30 when he will have reached 25 degrees and 20 minutes of Capricorn.  This will be the third year where Saturn has been retrograde in the sign of Capricorn, in previous years this was from 20 degrees and 13 minutes to 13 degrees 55 minutes in 2019 and 9 degrees and 01 minutes and 2 degrees and 33 minutes.

When Saturn is in retrograde by transit, the community is given the opportunity to reflect on and review what is reality, the rules and the ethics that relate to Capricorn issues, governments, big organisations, business and the material resources we are depleting from the planet we live on!  Are the current rules and thinking on this issue relevant and if not how do we believe they need to change.  On a personal level what authorities are standing in the way of you meeting your dreams and what are you going to do about it?

Mercury was trining Jupiter early this morning which helped you see every possibility in your current situation.  The Sun formed a harmonious trine to Neptune soon after helping you to see a deeper level of spiritual reality and recognize your idealistic dreams.

Then at 5.33 pm Mercury will have moved on to square Mars, making you a tad touchy and irritable, you may have to defend those ideals against others!

The Moon in Capricorn was hanging out with the asteroid Lilith between 1.30 am and 3 am while you were asleep this morning, areas where your intuitive feminine side was repressed were likely to have featured.  From 4.30 pm to 10.30 pm Luna will have moved on to connect with asteroids Osiris and Iris opening you up to what needs to be transformed and what is the truth.

A busy Monday in the sky!  Tuesday will be much quieter just the planet Mercury moving into the sign he rules Gemini!  Your mind will become more sharp and curious wanting to know what is at the bottom of everything.