chiron transits

Art by Gustav Moreau

Chiron in Pisces makes his presence known at the beginning of the month when Saturn in Sagittarius makes his final exact square to the Wounded Healer, at 8.56 am on November 3 (AEDT), empowering us all to attend to healing our deepest wounds, and to stop blaming others for causing them! Just suck it up and get on with it, so to speak, get real about working seriously on healing ourselves.

Circumstances and events will occur that ensure we are forced to get on with the job! On the day before, exact at 5.36 pm, Mercury in Scorpio made a flowing trine aspect to Chiron, bringing up connections, meetings, possibilities, opportunities which enable us to communicate, interact and exchange ideas in a way that helps to resolve our problems and heal the past.

Later today, exact at 12.02 pm, Mercury makes an awkward quincunx aspect to his higher octave Uranus in Aries, our thinking will be out of the box and we will be able to make adjustments to beliefs around how we express our individuality, which will have been holding us back since childhood.

This will be  followed by Venus in Libra moving to make a similar quincunx aspect to Chiron at 6.30 pm and forming a triangle back to Saturn through a productive sextile an hour later. We will be able to see which of the responsibilities we feel we have through our relationships are real and which we have taken on under our own steam. Adjustments will be able to what restrains us can be made easily at this time, we will be able to love both ourselves and others more easily and forgive past hurts, more ready to move on.

The Aries Moon will merge energy with a stellium consisting of the dwarf planet Eris, the asteroid Orpheus and Uranus between 8 am and 4 pm today, during the same time period as the transits described above.  Our fiery emotions will be intent on helping us transform, heal our wounds and move forward on our journey as well.  Eris as Goddess of Strife and Discord will add to our impatience to move on despite having to endure unpleasant situations and emotions brought up from the past.  Orpheus reminds us to complete our journey down into our Underworld and not lose our self-belief at the last minute as he did when trying to regain his dead wife from the depths! Uranus represents the need to be true to ourselves and respect our individuality when making our transformative journey.

At 8.45 pm thhe Moon moves on into the sign of Taurus, in preparation for her opposition to the Sun for tomorrow’s Full Moon at 4.22 pm (AEDT).