Art by Fiona Owen

Saturn will be making his final helpful sextile of the year to otherworldly Neptune on November 9, exact at 1.45 pm  You will feel this strongest when they are moving together, over the last day or so.  It will enable you to apply both vision and commitment to achieve what you have dreamed about during the earlier transits.

Jupiter has made three tense squares to Neptune on January 14, June 16 and September 21, which asked you  to consider what brought hope and meaning into your life and how true and meaningful your dreams really are.  What was the truth for you both internally in your own life and with what was going on in the wider community and world outside?  Were your ideals realistic and founded in natural law, or do you have false optimism and take undue risks?  Were you trusting or helping the right people?

On each occasion this transit was followed by Saturn making a productive sextile to Neptune, on February 2, June 18 and now on Saturday.  This has enabled you to achieve an unusual balance between your spiritual and material needs, understanding their relationship much more clearly.  It has been like Saturn was checking up on the work you have done with Jupiter and Neptune and is helping you to bring your ideals and ideas into practical reality during your daily life!

Of course this has all been a build up towards the conjunctions between Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in 2020, which will take you to a new shift in your being, where you can eradicate all that hasn’t been working and completely transform your life.  Make sure you have made the most of this opportunity to consolidate and materialize your beliefs in preparation.

This important transit of Saturn sextile Neptune was preceded by the Sun making a much more speedy sextile of his own to Saturn, along with a trine to Neptune both exact between 4 am and 5 am.  This will bring you the self-discipline and orderly state of mind to make plans at every concrete level, in particular favoring issues relating to work or your profession.  You could receive excellent advice from a mentor or father figure of some kind.

Your sensitivity to the more subtle aspects of worldly life will be raised, bringing flashes of insight or ESP.  You will feel a strong desire to act on your idealistic beliefs, but it may pay to meditate on them for a while first.  Make certain any self-sacrifice you undertake is to worthy people for the right reasons.

The Moon will have changed sign to Aries late on Friday evening signalling a new emotional beginning.  Luna will merge energy with Chiron the Wounded Healer between 1 am and 5 am, helping you to heal old wounds to your self-belief and self-identity so that you can attack the changes that need to follow with a higher degree of self-confidence.