Personal Planets in Virgo

The Personal Planets in Virgo will be going through a series of connections to Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune between the Virgo New Moon  (last week) and the Pisces Full Moon on September 14.

As they continue to move forward connections become stronger to the outer planets all in the sign of their rulership. As Saturn is slowing down ready to Station Direct on September 18, the more conservative effects of his trine will be felt for longer, making you somewhat cautious about trying anything new, but wanting to get it right as it is part of your maturation or evolution process.

The T-squares set up, from the square to Jupiter and opposition to Neptune, will be impossible to ignore as the month progresses, and they become exact for each of the personal planets in turn. On the evening of September 2 the Sun was conjunct Mars, a great time to initiate new projects. Aspects in astrology are always stronger when they are moving together or applying.  Mercury and dwarf planet Orcus were surrounding the pair, so you had to balance the instructions you were receiving from both your intellect and your intuition.

Around September 9 to 10 the Sun’s square to Jupiter will be urging you to take on a lot, whilst the opposition to Neptune will bring uncertainty and more awareness of the needs of others. You will still be able to achieve a lot at this time providing you work in an organized and thoughtful manner.

Tomorrow morning (AEST), the Sun will perfect his trine to Saturn, followed by Venus perfect one to Pluto  around midday, you will feel compelled to make a change whether you feel totally comfortable about it or not.  This will feel quite confusing around 5 pm when Mercury makes exact his opposition to Neptune and you have to turn some of your most idealistic dreams into practical reality.