North Node in Taurus South Node in Scorpio

Wikimedia Public Domain

The North Node in Taurus, South Node in Scorpio journey through the Zodiac commences at 5.50 am (AEDT) on January 19! A journey to safely balance our complex and deeply intimate past with what will make life more simple and secure!

The last degree of Scorpio has the symbol of relief from tension “Children in Halloween costumes engaging in various pranks”, whereas for the 30th degree of Taurus, it is consummation of individual efforts through “A peacock parading on the terrace of an old castle”.  Getting over your deep seated fears in order to strut your stuff!

Reflecting back to the last Nodal sign changes on May 5 2020 and forward to the changes to Aries/Libra on July 18 2023. I noted that they also seem to be close to a Full Moon and within less than two weeks of both Mercury and Venus stationing retrograde. This suggests a time of introspection follows the clarity of the Full Moon, as the Nodes move backwards through the Zodiac, changing to the collective theme of the next 18.6 months!

Your birth chart reveals the evolutionary journey your soul selected for you in this lifetime through your personal nodal axis. However, we are all, also impacted by the collective evolutionary journey the Universe has selected for mankind, through the transiting Nodes. From May 5 2020 to January 19 2022 the world has been morphing through a journey involving beliefs (Sagittarius South Node) and information (Gemini North Node). And indeed what information do you believe!!! Thanks to the escalation of media technology, we have been bombarded with information, but how much can we trust and which statistics are true? People have had to trust what their intuition tells them is the way, and in the process have been polarized into believers and non-believers. We have been forced to exist within our immediate neighbourhoods (Gemini) and restricted from travelling interstate, overseas or even for work (Sagittarius).So, what will the next 18 month cycle bring from January 19  to July 18 2023?

The Nodes move backwards through the Zodiac, so the South Node will move into Scorpio and the North Node will join Uranus in Taurus. The emphasis will move towards simplicity, self-sufficiency and materials needs, moving away from complexity, intensity and not knowing what to trust. From what you want to what you need! Amassing and sharing your material resources. Seeking a more grounded lifestyle and redefining your values, priorities and approach to relationships. Uncovering past themes in a real and raw way. Maybe scandals and sexual themes will dominate the news, along with how all the debts and unemployment from the past cycle will be repaid. Different sources and methods of financing are likely to emerge.

The Full Moons are falling in the late degrees of the signs they rotate through the Zodiac, for this uneven calendar of the first few months of the year (February and April only having 28 and 30 days), so keeping more closely in line to the Moon’s natural monthly cycle of 29.5 days! The change to the degrees of the nodal axis as it moves backwards through the Zodiac, will thus be making close aspects to the luminaries who move forward one sign each month for their connections. This begins with Pluto conjunct the Sun in the 29th degree of Capricorn, forming a Mystical Rectangle to the Nodes, taking on more significance now, as the ruler of the South Node in Scorpio! It will be interesting to follow Pluto and Venus the rulers, as they connect with the Nodes over the next 18.6 months to July 23 2023. The North Node will be in the same sign as Uranus over the same period, forming an exact conjunction on August 1 2022.