Hygeia and the Draconic Bowl

Only 22 of the 60 Minor Planets I follow, are currently moving through the empty hemisphere of the Draconic Bowl.  This morning's Full Moon in Leo put the spotlight on the asteroid Hygeia as the Moon was in a partile conjunction, just one minute of arc ahead of her (AEDT), at the moment of her opposition to the Sun. 

Virgo Opportunities For Chiron Healing

Virgo opportunities for Chiron healing from 25 to 28 August (AEST) as the stellium of Venus and Mars with the Sun individually will make exact quincunx or five sign connections to the Wounded Healer.  While having nothing in common these connections can trigger an adjustment into how your Chiron wound is understood and experienced.

Aquarius Full Moon 2019

Venus and the Sun made their exact conjunction and Star Point yesterday at 4.07 pm. Today Mercury will finally leave behind his shadow phase and nothing will be holding back your positive view of life, its full steam ahead. The Aquarius Full Moon will fall five and a half hours later at 10.29 pm (AEST), with the Moon at 22 degrees and 24 minutes, the 23rd degree of Aquarius and the Sun opposite in Leo.

Capricorn Moon with Pluto and Medusa

A quieter day with just the one connection between the Capricorn Moon with Pluto and Medusa.  Its a continuation of the silvery ones connection with the Saturn, South Node and Pluto stellium or energy merger in the sky.  They have moved away from Persephone at the Sagittarian end of the sign and now Pluto is edging back towards Medusa, both in retrograde motion.

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