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Here are my horoscope predictions for each Sun Sign which should be read in conjunction with my monthly forecast for September 2018.

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This month’s Astrological Aspects

You will start the month in a mood of “soul house cleaning”! Yes Virgo energy from the Sun can do that to us all, and the recent Full Moon with Pisces focused you down deep in a way that enhanced your consciousness and unveiled another layer from inside yourself. The next 4 months will have you focusing on how you do relationships, as Venus prepare for her bi-annual stint in retrograde motion.

This will take place between 25 degrees of Libra (the sign Venus rules) and 11 degrees of Scorpio, so it will be extremely intense. Once Venus enters Scorpio on September 9, already into her pre-shadow period, the Goddess of Love will be in a stubborn and determined Grand Square relationship with Uranus and the Nodes, until September 28. This will be a rocky ride and whatever you are attached to, it will be hard to shift your point of view. Uranus may throw a few curved balls your way, which will get you examining your whole approach to relationships, both now and in the past.

You may find your attention moving to your physical body with the Virgo New Moon on September 10, an excellent time to seed new routines, especially around diet or exercise. Any kind of purification or refining of your lifestyle will be successful if initiated at this time. A connection with water through swimming classes or walking near the beach would be ideal, but something will need to be eradicated. September 18 will see old feelings of resentment and repressed emotions bubble up from the past, ready to be finally put to bed.

Just two days after the Sun welcomes in Libra, and Spring for us here in the Southern Hemisphere, you will be re-energized by the Aries Full Moon. This will be a healing time for past issues, as Chiron next to the Moon, prepares to reenter Pisces and you will be able to revisit whatever is wounded inside yourself. The purifying Sun, next to Eos Goddess of the Dawn, heralds in new beginnings having left behind what no longer works for you.

Monthly Horoscopes for the 12 Signs of the Zodiac

Aries Gemstone of the Month

adventurine gemstone 120x106Adventurine will be the ideal stone for Aries in September, as will support your positive qualities of courage and initiative as you face up to some of the issues out of your past

Taurus Gemstone of the Month

Rhodonite horoscope birthstone crystalTaurus can benefit from using Rhodonite in September to work on forgiveness and letting go as you recognize the part you have played in past conflicts and issues and how much you have blamed onto others

Gemini Gemstone of the Month

Blue Topaz horoscope birthstone crystalGemini will find Blue Topaz an excellent crystal to help you recognise when you have strayed from your own truth and can help you return to your true core

Cancer Gemstone of the Month

moonstone gemstone 120x70

Moonstone will be the best stone to look after Cancer’s sensitivity in September. Your natural birthstone it can help to keep you emotionally balanced by reminding you that everything is part of a fluctuating cycle

Leo Gemstone of the Month

chryosolla gemstone 120x98

Chrysocolla will reverse any destructive emotional programming than drains your power, whilst you are attempting to lay your heart bare and open up in September Leo

Virgo Gemstone of the Month

Green Moss Agate horoscope birthstone crystalMoss Agate will help Virgo find the courage to speak up and demand what is your right in September, it will also boost your awareness of your positive qualities and help you accept your true worth

Libra Gemstone of the Month

lapis lazuli gemstone 120x83

Libra will benefit greatly from using Lapis Lazuli to assist with expressing your opinion in a diplomatic and resolving nature on the matters that face you within September


Scorpio Gemstone of the Month

Smoky Quartz horoscope birthstone crystal

Emotionally grounding Smoky Quartz will teach Scorpio how to leave behind everything that no longer serves you, promoting elimination and detoxification on all levels

Sagittarius Gemstone of the Month

Emerald Raw horoscope birthstone crystal

Emerald will teach Sagittarius infinite patience in September, helping you to wait until you can see the way ahead before making a move


Capricorn Gemstone of the Month

blue lace agate horoscope birthstone crystal

Capricorn will find Blue Lace Agate useful this month to dissolve emotional repression of all kinds and overcome feelings of rejection and being judged

Aquarius Gemstone of the Month

blue celestine 120x101

Blue Celestine will help Aquarius deal with the challenges that September brings with its delicate vibrations which emphasize unconditional love for humanity


Pisces Gemstone of the Month

Chrysoprase horoscope birthstone crystal

Pisces your Moon is going to need a bit of support during September and Chyrsophase will be just the stone to provide this and support your enormous psychic gifts