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Here are my horoscope predictions for each Sun Sign which should be read in conjunction with my monthly forecast for May 2018.

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This Month’s Astrology Forecast

Mars will move into the driving seat on the last day of April, so it is will finally be time to get your show on the road and achieve some traction towards your goals. The Mars and Pluto ruled Scorpio Full Moon will have spotlighted just what needs to be eradicated, leaving your emotional baggage behind. Mars will be naturally directing the planets and points in Aries, as well as the buildup squaring them from Capricorn the sign of his exaltation. From the time of the Taurus New Moon, on May 15, Mars will also square Uranus from the chaotic last degree of Capricorn and Aries, through to their both changing sign, to Aquarius and Uranus respectively, the following day.

Uranus will remain in Taurus until 2026, bringing radical and unexpected changes in all the material areas of life, our financial systems, the way we buy and sell goods and services, respect nature and the environment we live in, how we nurture ourselves, grow our food, provide a liveable community within our cities, respond to our sexuality and the way we value family structures.

Mars will also remain in Aquarius, the sign which has Uranus as its modern ruler, for around three times as long as he usually spends in a sign. This will make your motivation somewhat erratic, but inventive and original wanting to do things your own way and struggling with any authority you come up against. You will work well with others in groups however, and find it easier than usual to align your needs with those of others around you.

It’s likely more issues about corporate power and repression of the feminine or the underdog, will emerge in some kind of taboo or hidden areas of large corporations, around May 18, when Black Moon Lilith will conjunct Pluto. Stay away from getting into any power struggles or attempting to manipulate others in any way at this time! A Water Grand Trine between Venus, Jupiter and Neptune, accompanying the Sagittarian Full Moon on May 30, will stimulate emotional and sexual expression, illuminating your inner knowing and enabling you to surrender to what you are experiencing, in the knowledge that you, and not the external events around you, are responsible for your perceptions and state of inner peace.

Monthly Horoscopes for the 12 Signs of the Zodiac for May 2018

Aries Gemstone of the Month

Fire Agate Monthly Horoscopes May 2018Aries will benefit from the strong healing and grounding ability of Fire Agate to mellow their response to frustrations and prevent burnout and exhaustion.

Taurus Gemstone of the Month

Emerald Raw horoscope birthstone crystalEmerald will help Taurus live lie to the full and maintain the kind of loyal and steadfast love you associate with domestic bliss

Gemini Gemstone of the Month

Serpentine horoscope birthstone crystalGemini will find Serpentine helps you ground into the physical realm whilst opening yourself up to more unfamiliar spiritual connections

Cancer Gemstone of the Month

Chalcedony Cluster horoscope birthstone crystalChalcedony will teach Cancer how to care about rather than for others, helping you to conserve your energy and not feel so exhausted

Leo Gemstone of the Month

Rhodochrosite horoscope birthstone crystal
Rhodochrosite will enable Leo to love yourself and express your own unique qualities out into the world, without any unnecessary feelings of being too proud or vain.

Virgo Gemstone of the Month

Blue Topaz horoscope birthstone crystalBlue Topaz taking them out of the servitude trap which leaves them at the beck and call of others.

Libra Gemstone of the Month

Apophyllite horoscope birthstone crystalApophylite can be used productively by Libra during meditation, to calm your centre, ignite your creativity and enhance your powers of manifestation

Scorpio Gemstone of the Month

Larimar Fin horoscope birthstone crystalScorpio will benefit from working with Larimar during May to steer you away from self-sabotaging behavior and move you towards more constructive pathways.

Sagittarius Gemstone of the Month

Monthly Horoscopes May 2018 Garnet horoscope birthstoneGarnet will provide the perfect energy for Sagittarius to become more aware of your intuition and access your spiritual realm

Capricorn Gemstone of the Month

Fluorite horoscope birthstone crystalCapricorn will find Fluorite useful this month to dissolve fixed patterns of belief, helping to move beyond narrow-mindedness to seeing the bigger picture.

Aquarius Gemstone of the Month

Chrysoprase horoscope birthstone crystalChrysoprase will bring Aquarius deal with the emotions in the situation this month, instilling a sense of security and trust.

Pisces Gemstone of the Month

Goldeb Beryl horoscope birthstone crystalPisces will benefit from using Golden Beryl the seer’s stone to gain greater insight, heighten their awareness of hidden worlds and manifest potential into reality.