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Here are my horoscope predictions for each Sun Sign which should be read in conjunction with my monthly forecast for August 2018.

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This month’s Astrological Aspects

You have been focusing back on the past during the last week of July, there were significant opportunities with both Mercury stationing retrograde; and Mars merging energy with the Nodes and the Moon, with that powerful Lunar Eclipse. Mercury causes us to focus on our inner world, how we thought about issues, decisions we made, conversations we had and how well they went. We have an opportunity until August 19 to review and replay some of this. Because our focus in so heavily on the inside when covering old ground, we can take our eye off our outer world, and that’s where some of the glitches, that Mercury is so famous for, take place. Now, in the “dragon hole” between the two eclipses, it’s time to take advantage of any deeper understandings and healing that came through for you, and power forward using the dynamic energy of the Sun and North Node in Leo.

It may be a little difficult to gain traction with the projects you have been trying to push forward in an outer, material sense, as Mars and Uranus will be intensifying their conflicting relationship in the first few days of the month. We will all be experiencing some degree of frustration in some area of our lives, depending on where this is playing out in our chart. When Uranus joins Mars in retrograde motion on August 8, it will leave just Venus and Jupiter out of all the planets, having a strong influence in outwardly moving forward. Viewed by ancient astrologers as bringing good luck and money, they will add to the opportunities coming your way from the Sun being in the rulership of the Lion.

The third and final eclipse with the Leo New Moon on August 11, will help you determine what it is you really want from your relationships and what your responsibilities to others should consist of. Leo energy connects to your inner child and enables you to seek fun, use your creativity to its greatest potential and helps you to empower both yourself and others.

Challenging aspects will exist to the luminaries from asteroids Juno, representing the formalities and rules of marriage, and Hopi representing the more nature aligned approach of “is it working”, used by the Native American Indian women. Diana in a pair with Greek counterpart Artemis, the archetypes of freedom to roam independently and connect with nature, will form a harmonious trine to Sol and Luna at the same time. Under the electrifying energy brought by the eclipse you may come to new conclusions about how your current view of relationship is enhancing or restricting your ability to shine in your true light.

The clarity of the Virgo full Moon on August will enable you to clearly see the whole process from this intense eclipse season and will help you integrate your findings into your daily life through routines and habits which will establish a healthy mind, body and soul.

Monthly Horoscopes for the 12 Signs of the Zodiac

Aries Gemstone of the Month

argonite horoscope birthstone crystalArgonite will be a brilliant stone for Aries this month, as it promotes mental flexibility and your ability to see the big picture, to “think outside the box”

Taurus Gemstone of the Month

Peridot horoscope birthstone crystalTaurus can benefit from using Peridot in August to clear resentment and instil more confidence in yourself, it will banish lethargy and help you admit any mistakes, so you are able to move forward

Gemini Gemstone of the Month

chryosolla gemstone 120x98Gemini will find Chrysocolla the perfect crystal to help you recognize when you should remain silent and not rush to share your perceptions until you have had time to assess them properly

Cancer Gemstone of the Month

Fire Agate horoscope birthstone crystal

Fire Agate will be a useful stone to aid Cancer in August, as it will promote your inner security as an antidote to the emotional vulnerability which prevents you from valuing yourself as you deserve


Leo Gemstone of the Month

Citrine horoscope birthstone crystal

To optimise Leo’s potential in August, employ Citrine, your Ascendant crystal, to enhance your individuality and self-esteem while maximising your self-confidence, make you feel special as you put yourself out there

Virgo Gemstone of the Month

Blue Topaz horoscope birthstone crystalBlue Topaz is essential for Virgo to make the appropriate transition at this time, it will support your need to helpful, but take you out of the servitude trap of being always at the beck and call of others!

Libra Gemstone of the Month

carnelian horoscope birthstone crystal

Carnelian will be perfect for Libra to help you offer love instead of judgement when you are dealing with others in August, it will promote tolerance, and balance your strong need for perfection


Scorpio Gemstone of the Month

malachite horoscope birthstone crystal 120x93malachite gemstone 120x93

Transformative Malachite will facilitate Scorpio in trusting that the journey forwards will be smoother than anticipated previously, bringing insights to assist healing and growth

Sagittarius Gemstone of the Month

blue lace agate horoscope birthstone crystal

Blue Lace Agate can remove any blockages from the Sagittarius throat chakra, counteracting any repressed thinking or communication, through fear of being judged or thought a negative influence


Capricorn Gemstone of the Month

Garnet horoscope birthstone crystal

Use Garnet to infuse that much needed lightness into your life during August Capricorn, it also helps with any leadership challenges and all business matters

Aquarius Gemstone of the Month

labradorite gemstone 120x111

Labradorite will help Aquarius connect to universal consciousness through your intuitional wisdom and synthesizing it with those intellectual thoughts which won’t stop flooding through your mind


Pisces Gemstone of the Month

amethyst gemstone 120x120Pisces will benefit from using Amethyst in July as this birthstone helps you overcome escapism, taking you to spiritual planes and opening you up to a different reality, cleansed of emanations from other people