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Here are my Monthly Horoscope Predictions January 2019 for each Sun Sign, which should be read in conjunction with my monthly forecast.

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This month’s Astrological Aspects

2019 will begin with a bang when Mars bursts into action in Aries the sign that he rules! You will feel like getting going straight away with any New Year resolutions you have made. However you may find a few obstacles get in your way for the first few days, as Saturn cuddles up with the Sun. A few things you had not anticipated may also come out of the woodwork, as Uranus will still be triggering the Nodal Axis, your life journey.

The Capricorn New Moon on January 7 will have plenty of bite, as it will also be a Partial Solar Eclipse, stirring things up. Pluto, Saturn, Mercury and the South Node will be throwing their input into the pot and it will be time to get serious about what you are actually doing to achieve your goals? In some cases quite literally how much exercise you are getting after the excesses of the festive season! It’s time to get rid of any habits or routines which are not in synch with where you are aiming to go long term.

The two most positive planets, Venus and Jupiter, will be working together in Sagittarius to bring you good fortune for the rest of the month, providing you don’t get too hard-nosed about your version of the truth! It will be a good time to review your dreams and what you would like to change about the state of the world at large. You just may get the chance to do your bit in bringing about positive change by the end of the month!

The Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse on January 21 will be the last eclipse in the Leo/Aquarius polarity until 2026, we won’t be able to see the Blood Moon in Australia, it will be centred over North America! You will be able to see more clearly what kind of group activity might help you achieve your long term purpose. There will be “magic in the air” with the Leo Moon supported by Merlin and Asteria the Goddess of the Stars. So maybe time to get serious around learning subjects you have always loved and wanted to find out more about in depth!

Monthly Horoscopes for the 12 Signs of the Zodiac

Aries Gemstone of the Month

ruby horoscope birthstone crystalAries’ fiery Ruby birthstone will help you overcome any sense of hesitation or procrastination, when it comes to changing long standing habits, routines or mindsets during January

Taurus Gemstone of the Month

Peridot horoscope birthstone crystalPeridot is the perfect stone for Taurus to use this month to help facilitate necessary change. The fixed nature of your sign can make you hold onto the status quo way past it’s used by date if you are not careful

Gemini Gemstone of the Month

blue-tourmaline-horoscope-birthstone-crystalGemini will find Blue Tourmaline helpful in integrating your duality and making the right decisions around the direction you wish to travel in during January

Cancer Gemstone of the Month

moonstone gemstone 120x70

Moonstone promotes your psychic ability and intuition Cancer encouraging lucid dreaming, it will also attune you to your own unique biorhythm cycle

Leo Gemstone of the Month

hawks eye horoscope birthstone crystal 120x71

Leo will be find Hawk’s Eye an excellent birth stone to promote your latent talents and unblock your creative abilities this month

Virgo Gemstone of the Month

Blue Topaz horoscope birthstone crystalBlue Topaz will take Virgo out of the servitude trap, insisting that the scripts you live by are those you write yourself in accord with your own truth

Libra Gemstone of the Month

Rose Quartz horoscope birthstone crystal

Rose Quartz is the perfect stone for Libra to hold close to your heart in January as it will purify and open your heart, promoting the peace and harmony you crave

Scorpio Gemstone of the Month

Smoky Quartz horoscope birthstone crystal

Smoky Quartz your Moon stone, promotes detoxification and elimination on all levels and will teach you how to leave behind everything which no longer serves you Scorpio  so you start 2019 with a clean slate

Sagittarius Gemstone of the Month

turquoise horoscope birthstone crystal

Sagittarius will benefit from using your birthstone Turquoise this month to release old vows and inhibitions allowing your soul to express itself once more


Capricorn Gemstone of the Month

Garnet horoscope birthstone crystal

Capricorn will find Garnet has a revitalising effect on the way you live your life in January, keep some close by as you reflect and alternate between serenity and passion throughout the month

Aquarius Gemstone of the Month

labradorite gemstone 120x111

Labradorite will help Aquarius develop your intuition and link you to universal consciousness, by synthesizing intellectual thought with intuitive wisdom and dispelling any sense of illusion


Pisces Gemstone of the Month

Amethyst horoscope birthstone crystal

Pisces you will find Amethyst invaluable this month to establish your own boundaries and feel safe within them, something you often find to be a struggle.