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Here are my Monthly Horoscope Predictions March 2019 for each Sun Sign, which should be read in conjunction with my monthly forecast.

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This month’s Astrological Aspects

Your sensitivity, imagination, dreams and spirituality will be highlighted in March with the Pisces New Moon, as well as Mercury retrograding through the sign, keeping your thinking focused inward, working on your unconscious processes. Neptune, ruler of Pisces will be conjunct Sol and Luna, further strengthening this effect. You are unlikely to see things clearly so not a good time to make major decisions.

The energy will peak around March 6 to 7, around the same time as Uranus enters Taurus for the next 7 years. Shocks, upheavals and unexpected change can be expected in areas associated with the land, housing, climate, agriculture, food production and financial systems during this period.

The future will become clearer from March 14 to 20 as Mars the planet of action connects productively with Neptune and Saturn, followed by Pluto.

The Libra Full Moon on March 21 will spotlight issues around equality, legal matters and what you believe in. The Sun will have entered Aries a few hours earlier so your need for independence, will have to be balanced against the needs of others. He will be close to meeting Chiron and forming a troublesome square to Jupiter, so you may experience issues with those holding authority over you, which will require you to dig deep into your reserves of courage and self- belief.

It will be easier to negotiate change at the end of the month, when Mars will have entered Mercury’s ruler Gemini and Mercury will be slowly edging forward once more.

Monthly Horoscopes for the 12 Signs of the Zodiac

Aries Gemstone of the Month

ruby horoscope birthstone crystalAries will benefit from using your birthstone Ruby in March, making you less self-centered and self-absorbed, qualities you will need in being truly of assistance to others.

Taurus Gemstone of the Month

malachite horoscope birthstone crystal 120x93malachite gemstone 120x93Malachite’s powerfully transformative energy will help Taurus take charge of your own life, releasing your inhibitions and encouraging you to move forwards.

Gemini Gemstone of the Month

chryosolla gemstone 120x98Chrysocolla will help you learn when to speak and when it is better to remain silent Gemini as you work on your inner issues during March

Cancer Gemstone of the Month

moonstone gemstone 120x70

Moonstone, Cancer’s birthstone, will help you balance your emotions this month when your vulnerability to family issues will be emphasized

Leo Gemstone of the Month

sunny topaz horoscope birthstone crystal

Sunny Topaz will help Leo recognize their inner riches and draw the support they need from everyone around them in March

Virgo Gemstone of the Month

ardonyx-horoscope-birthstone-crystalThis month Sardonyx is a must for Virgo, supporting their search for a meaningful existence by strengthening their character

Libra Gemstone of the Month

lapis lazuli gemstone 120x83

Lapiz Lazuli can be used to assist Libra to express their opinion on contentious matters and not stop trying to find a solution that keeps everyone happy

Scorpio Gemstone of the Month

hawks eye horoscope birthstone crystal 120x71

Scorpio can rely on Hawk’s Eye to help you widen your vision and focus your considerable powers of perception during the month ahead

Sagittarius Gemstone of the Month

labradorite gemstone 120x111

Sagittarius needs to tap into your intuition to deal with the issues that come up for March, using Labradorite will help you become more connected to esoteric information and help with spiritual mentorship


Capricorn Gemstone of the Month


Onyx will provide Capricorn with the confidence you need to face this month’s challenges in the organized and structured manner you feel comfortable operating under

Aquarius Gemstone of the Month

blue celestine 120x101

Blue Celestine will bring Aquarius the spiritual peace and contact with the angelic realms you need this month, to deal with the significant changes that lie ahead


Pisces Gemstone of the Month

Amethyst horoscope birthstone crystal

Pisces will find Amethyst helpful in cleansing your energies, blocking geopathic stress and negative environmental energies that affect your sensitivity