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Here are my Monthly Horoscope Predictions April 2019 for each Sun Sign, which should be read in conjunction with my monthly forecast.

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This month’s Astrological Aspects

You will experience the pull of ancient and karmic patterns in April, when the South Node of the Moon has a rendezvous set up with transformative and eliminating dwarf planet Pluto on April 5, just two weeks before Pluto will be slowing down to station for his annual retrograde stint, on April 25! Pluto will draw you down deep into your psyche to review what vitally needed changes you have avoided or ignored around your repressed emotional patterning laid, down in this or previous lifetimes.

These insights will provide you with vital information to base your affirmations on with the Aries New Moon, which will be exact later the same day. It will be time to grab hold of your courage and chase after your dreams, not letting past fears and restrictions get in your way. Saturn the planet of reality will also be close to the South Node and will form a wide square to the Aries New Moon, so it won’t be a time without its challenges. Neptune will provide imaginative ability to move forward as long as you help your neighbors or other people in need during the process.

Jupiter in Sagittarius will begin his own backward sojourn on April 11, between 24 and 14 degrees of the sign. You will possibly be looking for loopholes to extricate yourself from judgment made over the last few months, or merely reviewing issues around legal, moral and cultural matters which have affected you recently.

Mars in Gemini will go out of bounds from April 20 to June 16, when you may not be able to resist speaking up about what concerns you, so there could be conflicts ahead. The Sun will not be as effective as usual, in holding back your urges to take action. This will also be around the time of the Libra Full Moon, when it will become clear what is needed to clear up a matter for good! The luminaries will be in the anaretic 29th degree, so it may not be possible to continue to pretend that ongoing imbalance is acceptable. With the Sun conjunct Uranus, it will be essential to break free and ensure your own requirements are met more fully. Pluto and the South Node will both be triggering the Full Moon, so it would seem that change is inevitable unless you are content to remain with the patterns which have been controlling you from the past.

At the end of the month it will be Saturn’s turn to station retrograde on April 30, less than a day before he too moves to merge energy with the South Node. This will be a time when your chickens come home to roost and the repercussions of any actions or inaction from the past can no longer be ignored! Whatever was suggested with Pluto earlier in the month will now become blatantly obvious.

Monthly Horoscopes for the 12 Signs of the Zodiac

Aries Gemstone of the Month

Fire Agate horoscope birthstone crystalAries will benefit from the strong healing and grounding ability of Fire Agate to mellow their responses to frustration and prevent burnout and exhaustion

Taurus Gemstone of the Month

Emerald Raw horoscope birthstone crystalEmerald is just the stone help Taurus live life to the full and maintain the kind of loyal and steadfast love you associate with true domestic bliss

Gemini Gemstone of the Month

Serpentine horoscope birthstone crystalGemini will find Serpentine can help you ground into the physical realm in April, while still opening yourself up to more unfamiliar spiritual connections

Cancer Gemstone of the Month

Chalcedony Cluster horoscope birthstone crystal

Chalcedony will teach Cancer how to care about rather than for others, helping you to conserve your energy and not feel so exhausted

Leo Gemstone of the Month

Rhodochrosite horoscope birthstone crystal

Rhodochrosite will enable Leo to love yourself and express your own unique qualities out into the world, without any unnecessary feelings around being too proud or vain.

Virgo Gemstone of the Month

Blue Topaz horoscope birthstone crystalThis month Virgo will benefit greatly from Blue Topaz taking them out of the servitude trap, which had left them at the beck and call of others

Libra Gemstone of the Month

Apophyllite horoscope birthstone crystal

Apophylite will a productive asset for Libra during meditation, to calm your centre, ignite your creativity and enhance your powers of manifestation during April

Scorpio Gemstone of the Month

Larimar Fin horoscope birthstone crystal

Scorpio will benefit from working with Larimar during April, this will steer you away from self-sabotaging behavior and move you towards more constructive pathways

Sagittarius Gemstone of the Month

Garnet horoscope birthstone crystal

Garnet will provide the perfect energy for Sagittarius in April enabling you to become more aware of your intuition, and to more easily access your spiritual realm

Capricorn Gemstone of the Month

Fluorite horoscope birthstone crystal

Capricorn will find Fluorite useful this month, helping you to dissolve fixed patterns of belief, and to move beyond narrow-mindedness seeing the bigger picture

Aquarius Gemstone of the Month

Chrysoprase horoscope birthstone crystal

Chrysoprase will bring help Aquarius deal with the difficult emotions in the situation this month, instilling you with a sense of security and trust

Pisces Gemstone of the Month

Goldeb Beryl horoscope birthstone crystal

Pisces will benefit from using Golden Beryl the seer’s stone to gain greater insight, heighten your awareness of hidden worlds and manifest potential into reality