Art from Cameron Gray – From the Broken Grow the Saved!

Mercury, Uranus and Chiron are the energies swirling around your mind today.  You will still be feeling the lingering effects of yesterday’s Mars-Pluto conjunction, but now your mind is trying to make sense of it all. Mercury, the planet who controls the intellect, is opposing his higher octave Uranus, the sky God, who knows that everything has no limit.

Your mind will be scattered, undisciplined and nervy, but you will be able to understand concepts and ideas more quickly than usual, often through a flash of intuition. You will be undisciplined in the way you think and speak, so may need to back track later and check for anything significant you have missed or made a mistake about. You crave new experiences and want to break free, don’t care if you shock others!

However Mercury is also making an awkward quincunx aspect to Chiron today, where nothing between them is in tune. This brings opportunities through the way you are thinking and the new connections you make, to understand your past wounds from a different perspective and learn to think about them differently. This will enable you to begin to heal them from just the way you communicate about them, to others and most importantly to yourself.

The Moon changed sign to Gemini yesterday, the sign most aligned to Mercury and communication. She meets up with two interesting asteroids today, Circe, the shape-shifter and Eos the Dawn. In the middle of the day, Circe helps with the healing connection, allowing your Chiron wound to take on a different form. Then later in the day when Mercury opposite Uranus becomes most exact, Eos helps you move quickly to assimilate new horizons and circumstances. A sky God like Uranus, she gave birth to the stars and the winds, she is there at the beginning of each new day and was famous for loving handsome young men. So she embodies the energy needed to rush out and explore the unknown.