Medea Archetype of Murder and Bad Choices

Jean Francois De Troy “Jason declaring eternal love to Medea”

If you were lucky enough to catch the break in the stormy skies yesterday evening here in Melbourne, you would have seen Jupiter shining brightly next to the Moon in Sagittarius! What a divinely beautiful sight they were! (It was so cold that it actually snowed during an AFL football game in Canberra! Brrr).

Right now this morning from 7.30 am to 11 am (AEST) the pair are merging energy within one degree of each other in the Zodiac longitudinally. They are not conjunct by declination as measured North of South of the Celestial Equator which is why they still appeared quite a distance apart in the sky last night.

From 2 pm to 6 pm this afternoon the Moon will journey on to connect with Medea, her last connection with one of the intuitive asteroids until 1 pm on Monday afternoon! Medea suffered greatly from making bad choices and following her heart or erotic nature.  She didn’t really have a lot of choice in actual fact, as Venus and Eros/Cupid conspired to make her fall madly in love with Jason of Argonauts fame.  She was the only reason he was able to regain the Golden Fleece from its grove in Colchis. In doing this she denied her role as high priestess to Prometheus and drugged the dragon/serpent who guarded the fleece in her “temple”.  As they escaped she was also complicit in the murder of her brother and father.

Later in life she was repudiated by Jason who wished to put this somewhat murky part of his past behind him!  She took terrible revenge and murdered his intended wife to be, some say she even murdered their children as a reprisal to his betrayal.

So the unfortunate archetype that Medea carries is of one who let somewhat Scorpionic emotions take her to murdering her family members! She was a witch who used her magic inappropriately, to aid the man she loved, ignoring natural law and her own calling or life purpose.