Incredible art by Alice Popkorn

Mars in Pisces moves to square the Nodes for the first time in their current North Node in Gemini –  South Node in Sagittarius cycle, today at 11.29 pm this evening, all in the last degree or hour respectively.  Mars is challenging you about what you are going to DO about the imbalance between compassion and judgment in the world.  How are you going to draw a line in the sand and work to bring these two to a workable integration.  It’s confusing!  You will be feeling the urge to move, to take action and chase your dreams, but you are not quite sure what you believe in anymore, especially whether you still believe in what you had been set on working towards, before the world turned upside down!

The fosus is to face up to where your passion has died, so you can work out what you are interested in achieving now and get your curiosity stimulated towards new horizons.  Trust in your intuition and let the Universe point you in the right direction.  It all comes down to that old spiritual maxim “become comfortable with insecurity”!  It’s the lesson the collective is undergoing as a whole at the moment and we are not doing too well at it!!!  We have to let the waters of retrograde Neptune take us to whatever shore we are meant to end up on, resisting won’t help at all, we just need to let go and be taken where we are meant to be!

The Moon moved into Virgo this morning so your emotions are very much around what am I meant to do to be of service and am I good enough?  From 5 am to 8.30 am she was connected to Astraea the Goddess of Integration who is often associated with the sign of Virgo.  She wanted the world to be perfect and disallusioned by the efforts of humanity asked to be retrurned to live among the stars!  Sound familiar at all?

Between 10 am and 1.30 pm Luna will be merging energy with the asteroid Gaea, archetype of Mother Earth, the world we live on and whose resources we had relentlessly been using up in our search for security through more and more material assets.  Gaea has been able to breath more easily over the last few months, as the air has become clearer and less polluted due to our inactivity!  You may feel some of her calmness spreading through your emotions this morning….

This evening the Moon will connect with the dwarf planet Orcus, archetype of the Orca, the killer whale and all monsters of the deep, between 7 pm and 11 pm.  Black Moon Lilith is moving towards a square with Pluto, perfecting at 12.39 midnight, complimenting the mood.  You need to face up to what you are repressing, what you have consigned to the depths of your psyche, in order to be able to find your way forward through the dark.  Orcus represents the monsters that lurk deep inside you, your ancestral memories from your matrilineal side, where you feel like an outcast.  The answers can come to you through enhanced clairaudience, so listen to what your ears are telling you throughout this dark night of the soul.