Mars and Pluto the two rulers of Scorpio square on November 5, the historical British “Fireworks Day”, when Guy Fawkes conspired to blow up the Houses of Parliament!  Perhaps many in the UK wouldn’t consider this too much of a crime in 2019!  Be careful about what might become explosive in your life, especially in the area of your chart where Scorpio or twenty degrees of Libra or Capricorn play a role!

Mars square Pluto can manifest as fierce power struggles and conflict or it can be a time for creatively transforming the world around you!  Ambitions are likely to be aroused, you will want to get ahead and feel the energy to do so.  Unfortunately it will be all too easy to arouse conflict and opposition from others in the process.  If you have left any loose ends in the past, they will be likely to trip you up now!  Be extra careful when driving!  This energy will build until 9.27 pm in the evening.

Meanwhile Venus will be having some fun of her own learning how to abruptly alter circumstances without emotional turmoil, through a stone in the shoe connection to Uranus at 6.09 pm!  You need to find freedom through relationships not freedom from relationships, only those which are no longer working in your best interests!  Change can be integral to development.

From 4 am to 1 pm the Moon in Aquarius will be merging energy with the asteroid Achilles, helping you to find the courage to deal with these challenging aspects.  Achilles was the epitome of the fearless warrior in battle due to his being almost impossible to kill!