Mars into Scorpio today at 6.40 pm (AEDT), finally the planet of action is able to apply some traction and get the show on the road!  He has been stuck in the sign of Libra since October 4, his least favorite place to be.  In Libra he has to worry about what other people want and try to keep everybody happy and that just doesn’t work for Mars, he just wants to react, to do what he wants.  Scorpio is one of the signs of his traditional rulership where he can run his own race so watch out for things starting to take off.

Mercury is still retrograde, he will Station Direct at 6.13 am on November 21, so then things will really start to improve!  Just another couple of days to consider what changes you want to effect and how you are going to go about it!  Your intuition will be on the increase and you will want to take control with Mars in Scorpio.  its time to throw yourself into projects with the concentrated energy and will power that this transit will bring you.

Braking taboos and taking risks will never be more attractive, especially when it comes to your sex life!

The Moon will leave Leo tomorrow at 12.54 pm and head into Virgo, wanting to help those you love and fine tune your life eliminate what isn’t good for you! From 1 pm to 4 pm she will be merging energy with Gaea, Mother Earth, so expect to get insights into what you can do to show her more love and respect.  Attend to your gardening, do what you can do to give priority to your connection with the Earthy things in life.