Art by Johfra Bosschart

Mars will enter Aries tomorrow, changing sign from Pisces at 11.45 am (AEST)!  Aries is the sign of his rulership where he will remain until January 7 2021, due to stationing retrograde on September 10 at 28 degrees and 09 minutes of the sign.   Mars usually only spends a couple of months in each sign so this is a big astrological event.  When planets are at home, that is in their rulership, they are able to act in a manner true and effective to their nature.  This can be seen as a positive, it depends on their nature!

Mars is the planet that gives you agency, the will to act, he motivates you and in Aries you will feel more energy and drive to get out and achieve your dreams.  However with so many planets in the their retrograde cycle and the world in the state it is in, you are probably a little unsure of what your next step is or what you are aiming for.  So we could see a lot more aggression and resentment coming out in the community around being in lockdon and being prevented from moving forward.  The best plan would be to find something you are able to do, like learning new skills and channel your energy into making it happen.  Maybe you have creative projects you have been putting off because life got in your way, perfect time to get them happening.

Obviously we can expect to see more infighting taking place within governments and they strive to remain in power and to retain control.  The US election will be taking place during the time Mars is in Aries.  A critical period will be around Late August/September when he moves through the range to square the outer planets in Capricorn.  He will be conjunct Dwarf Planet Eris in Aries at the time he Stations Retrograde.  She is the Goddess of Strife and Discord, loving to stir things up!  She moves slowly and was in a similar position making a square to Saturn and Pluto when they came together in January.

This all doesn’t look very helpful to resolve the various conflicts that are emerging in the World at the moment, such as the Trade War between Australia and China.  Let’s hope the God of War and Aggression doesn’t motivate any parts of the globe into more outright forms of conflict!   There is a small ray of hope as Mars will enter Aries in a productive sextile aspect to Saturn in Aquarius.  Saturn is also in his rulership, and wanting to make the world a better, more equal place for all of humanity, but he is in retrograde motion at the moment, so may find it hard to hold Mars back!

This morning from 5 am to 8 am the beautiful Muse of Astrology Urania was keeping company with the Virgo Moon trying to help us see how we can play our part.  From 10.30 am to 2 pm Luna will be merging energy with Nemesis the Goddess of Retribution.  Expect to see more facts emerge around many of the issues which are making headlines at present.  Nemesis makes sure that good fortune is only received by those who deserve it.

Tomorrow morning the Moon will move into Libra and we will all be seeking more harmony in our lives.  She begins her 2 day journey through the sign by connecting with the Goddess of her crescent phase, Diana the Mistress of the Beasts and the Forests from 7 am to 10.30 am.  From 7 pm to 10 pm she will be meging energy with powerful Juno Queen of Heaven and Goddess of Marriage and Commitment within relationships.  Juno is powerful in Libra where she resonates perfectly.  Perhaps she can help Saturn in Aquarius to calm down her errant son Mars as he makes exact his first aspect in the sign of Aries.  Maybe the pair can help him see more productive ways of asserting his influence out into the World!