Love comes to town


Love comes to town tonight when Venus will be conjunct Chiron in the sign of Aries.   This is all happening in the week of love with Valentine’s Day on Friday February 14!  On that day Venus will make exact her triggering square to the Nodal Axis at 12.12 pm (AEDT) midday.  However she is only 5 degrees off making that perfect connection right now, so well in orb and the energy is already starting to build.  Can’t you feel it in your personal sector of romance?

When Venus squares the Nodes you tend to reminisce about when you have missed out on love in the past, there is a feeling that your life has something missing or incomplete without the love you have always dreamt about having.  It is a call to arms to make grown up practical love work in your relationships.  Planets that square the Nodes are skipped steps in past lives, something you couldn’t have previously, so you are longing to make work in this incarnation.

Venus conjunct Chiron also indicates a deep longing for close personal relationship.  You may feel acutely cut off from close personal relationships, or feel no amount of love can fill the void inside yourself.  Under this transit it is easier to feel the pain of others and want to rescue, fix or nurture them in some way.  You feel their pain as a reflection of your own inner wounds and that makes them attractive to you.  As you begin to heal your wounds and resolve your issues you will be increasingly able to share your love in more higher octave or  fashion more related to Neptune, aware of the love that has always been inside you.  The journey back to love is the essence of the healing an evolutionary journey.

This morning as the Moon moved through the last degrees of Leo, she was merging energy with the asteroid Gaea, Mother Earth.  Did you see the excellent segment on 60 minutes last night about Australia, climate change and the need for urgent action from our government?  Compelling viewing and great to see the issue getting such insightful coverage.  Mother Earth is still burning here.  What are you going to do to play your part in resolving this?  When love comes to town what is more important than this beautiful planet that supports us all?