Leo-Johfra Bosschart

Art by Johfra Bosschart

The Leo New Moon will occur tomorrow, July 29, at 3.55 am and 5 degrees and 36 minutes of Leo, it’s 6th degree. The Sabian symbol is “A conservative, old-fashioned lady is confronted by a “hippie” girl”, the feeling being the relativity of social values, the need to transcend our subservience to fashion in morals as well as in clothes! The lunation with be closely conjunct asteroids Medea and Pythia , more widely conjunct Isis and dwarf planet Ceres. There is an element of magical  energy here from these asteroid goddesses with Ceres bringing the focus down to healing mothering or caring for yourself or loved ones around you. Leo always invigorates us with its energy and drama!

This theme is continued by an opposition to Chariklo, the wife of Chiron in Aquarius, who shapeshifts what is needed for love. Asteria the goddess of the starry sky, in Taurus and Hygeia in Scorpio will complete a Grand Cross to Sol and Luna. Fixed Star Praesepe will also be conjunct the lunation, bringing the highly organised warrior strength of the bee-hive to protect and co-ordinate proceedings. It will be time to have  faith in your instincts, your ability to organize, co-operate & judge! Fight for what is needed to nourish yourself and those close to you!

The lights will be forming a Grand Trine to Jupiter in Aries and the asteroid Nephthys in Sagittarius, just as Jupiter, Stationary at 8 degrees and 43 minutes of Aries, will be stationary, preparing to change to Retrograde motion at 6.37am, just 3 hours later on. Mercury will be applying to perfect a square with Uranus in Taurus, just 38 minutes after, at 7.15 am. Your intuition will be highlighted and fresh ideas will abound.

With the Sun and Moon in the sign of Leo, the more general energetic focus is on:• Finding ways to “look good” and shine

• Increasing self-esteem through gaining credibility
• Being optimistic and tackling problems head on with confidence
• Encouraging others to be the best they can be, being helpful
• Entertaining friends, being a good host
• Developing and expressing creativity and intuition
• Playing with children or those we love and having a good time

The area of your life that will be most impacted by the Leo New Moon affirmations is indicated, but some adjustment may be required to the life areas below: