Awesome art from Cameron Gray

The Full Moon on February 6, at 5.28 am, will be in Leo, at exactly 16 degrees and 40 minutes of the sign, its 17th degree. The Sabian Symbol for this Moon is “A volunteer church choir singing religious hymns” it will signify the feeling of togetherness which unites men and women in their dedication collective to a ideal.

The Sun in the 17th degree of Aquarius has the symbol of “A watchdog stands guard, protecting his master and his possessions”. The key here is the need for protection, development of the capacity to protect oneself and to safeguard one’s individual rights under complex social pressures.

Sol and Luna will be separating from a still quite tight square to Uranus, so upsets and accidents could still be on the cards. Be super careful and don’t take any risks!

The Moon will be moving away from a close conjunction with Eos the Goddess of the Dawn, so new opportunities could be on the horizon, but care needs to be taken especially if sudden attractions have been experienced.

The Sun will be applying to a conjunction to fiery Sekhmet, Egyptian Neter of Mother Love, Power and Healing, but the Moon will somewhat limit his power, disposited in Leo, his favorite sign.

This lunation will encourage you to tap into your faith and trust, even when you don’t think you have any. There is a corner that can be turned if you just hang in there.

The Moon will have opportunities, as well as challenges from a wide sextile to Mars in Gemini. You may even feel up to starting more than one thing at once.

A healing trine from the Moon to Chiron suggests that healing could eventuate through reaching out to trusted friends to provide inspiration and creativity to overcome your difficulties. This will enable you to embrace the positive strengths of who you truly are.