Key masculine planets change sign today , bringing significant energy changes ! Mars went from resourceful Virgo into Libra, the sign where he is least able to be his usual aggressive and dynamic self, at 6.58 am (AEDT). While you will find yourself less concerned about whether your actions are helpful to others or not and  are you getting everything correct, you will find you will be much more indecisive about taking any action at all, as you strive to be all things to all people and probably make none of them happy in the process!

The Sun is one sign ahead of Mars, changing from diplomatic Libra to direct and incisive Scorpio at 4.26 pm this afternoon.  Your attention is likely to move from relationships and maintaining balance in your life to ascertaining what it is that you truly desire at a deep unconscious level.  Scorpio loves to unravel a mystery and your psyche contains the deepest and most convoluted secrets that you can imagine.  This month ahead will be an intriguing and insightful time for us all with huge potential for healing.

With Mars more intent on his mind, and for once being thoughtful about the effect of his actions on others at the same time as the Sun focuses on feeling at the deepest possible level, the next four weeks will be far more about reflection and introspection than reacting and achieving on the material plane.

In early November Saturn makes his final exact square to Chiron, who will receive multiple connections from the personal planets during the remainder of the month, further emphasising the healing opportunities that lay ahead

Meanwhile today, the Moon in Sagittarius will make her freedom loving way towards an energy merger with the asteroids Urania and Artemis between 3 pm and 10 pm tonight.  Urania is my favourite Muse for writing, with her focus on Astronomy and Astrology, she almost exactly opposes my Moon, don’t you love the synchronicity in the heavens above!

She is supporting the Sun’s journey into Scorpio tonight, along with her step-sister Artemis.  Of course Zeus fathered a great number of Goddess daughters in his time!  However nature loving Artemis was the only one lucky enough to have a twin-brother in Apollo.  Together they are archetypes of the Sun and the Moon, Fire and Water, vitality/creativity of expression and the deep waters of the inner soul, the masculine and the feminine.