The Jupiter, Uranus Pluto T-square has been the dominant pattern in the sky since November 2016, and continues to make its influence felt through to 19 April 2017.  This week Mercury joined up with Pluto, intensifying your need to think deeply and intensely about how you are balancing the needs of Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries in your life.

This involves assessing what needs to change in the responsibilities that you have taken on through your partnerships and relationships and how this is affecting your ability to express your authentic self.  How this plays out in your life will depend on which areas of your life, (or houses), Jupiter and Uranus are situated in within your natal chart and how this plays out under the influence of the Aquarian New Moon.

Yesterday Mercury moved to make a exact square to Uranus and tomorrow connects in the same way with Jupiter, so you will have been impelled to think about these matters more deeply and intensely, however it is possibly best not the best time to communicate your findings to others as you might not have thought things through properly and with the dwarf planet Eris close to Uranus still, this could be quite disruptive.  Eris has dominion over strife and discord and is often hovering at the edges of any conflict or battles that go on.

The Moon moved into Aries yesterday morning around 8.46 am  (AEDT), so emotions are somewhat fiery at the moment, it will be very easy to get angry and say things you may regret.  The Moon moves to meet Uranus and Eris between 8 pm this evening and 1.30 am tomorrow morning, which will exacerbate matters.  So definitely a good time to suck it up and think things through, until when you have calmed down, after the Moon has moved onto more steady and secure Taurus, after midday on Friday.

Mercury makes a productive sextile aspect to Chiron today, helping you to adjust the way you find a way to think about past hurts and enabling you to work out strategies to smooth over troubled waters somewhat, if you can avoid reacting the influences of the Moon and Uranus.

Jupiter, Uranus, Mercury, Chiron and Saturn are all in the range of 21 t0 24 degrees of their respective signs at present, none of which are fixed or very stable, so the energy is very erratic and discordant with them connecting together in various aspects over the next few days.