Morgan Greer Tarot – The Lovers

Jupiter joins the retrograde planets this morning May 15 at 0.31 am (AEST), so all the planets beginning their new synodic cycles this year, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are now all in reflective mode, for the four months until Jupiter returns to direct motion, on September 13!  This co-incides with the last two thirds of the more personal retrograde journey of Venus through the sign of Gemini from April 10 to July 29!  It brings added resonance to your need to take time out to review your relationships, the way you approach and communicate your love to the people that are dear to you and how vulnerable you are prepared to make yourself in the process.

The major planetary bodies will be spending the majority of their time in Capricorn, where you will be reviewing your beliefs around natural law compared to the rules set by governments and big business and how they impact your life.  Venus in contrast will be in Gemini, the sign assigned to the “Lovers” card from the Tarot Major Arcana.  This card signifies duality and your need to use your free will wisely in decision making.  It relates to the combination of masculine and feminine energy that exists in us all and throughout society.  Also the balance between rational logical thought and the more feminine intuition which is offered but not always heard.  You are being asked to reflect on how this has affected you in your dealings with others, both now and in the past and also how you use this to look at yourself.

The Moon will change sign from Aquarius to Pisces at 11.14 am this morning and from 12 pm to 5 pm she will be merging energy with Mars and the asteroid Kassandra.  You will probably be quite confused and uncertain about what action to take regarding a certain matter.  You need to pay special attention to what your intuition is telling you and believe it.  Kassandra had the gift of prophecy in Greek myth but was unable to make others believe her!

The Sun in Taurus will perfect an easy flowing trine to Pluto at 4.49 pm, this will be assisting you to delve deeply into your psyche to determine what motivates you, what you are seeking and what changes you need to make in order for your life to run more smoothly.  It should be an easier time to effect this right now and you can learn a lot about yourself in the process.

From 8.30 pm until 3 am tomorrow morning the Moon will have moved on to connect with dwarf planet Ceres and the asteroid Medea, issues may arise regarding your relationships with women who are close to you, almost like daughters, and the way they use their inner magic to help others!