Jupiter moves into Saturn ruled Capricorn from 3 December 2019 until December 20 2020, tomorrow at 5.21 am (AEDT).

During 2019 the social planets, Jupiter and Saturn have been preparing for their conjunctions with Pluto in Capricorn, during 2020.  They form a polarity in the sky between expansion and contraction and are equally important to each other’s ability to manifest success.  Jupiter and Saturn each underwent a series of aspects with Neptune during 2019, ensuring you understood what was the truth and reality about what you passionately believed in.

The last powerful transit of Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, gave you a chance to assimilate it all and prepare to implement your findings once Jupiter enters Capricorn. Venus was the first of the personal planets to enter the sign of the Sea Goat on November 26, just before the last month’s Sagittarius New Moon. Dwarf Planet Ceres entered the sign of November 16 and will also be a key player in the Pluto Saturn conjunction of January 13 2020.

Jupiter and Saturn will finally make their 2020 conjunction, just after Jupiter changes sign into Aquarius 8 minutes into December 20 2020, and less than 2 days from the Sun’s Ingress into Capricorn for the 2020 Summer Solstice in Australia.  It will be important that you are clear about what is true for you and how to manifest it into your life, so that you can work with these energies effectively from 2020 onwards.

When Jupiter ingresses into Capricorn he will be making an applying conjunction, (moving towards), the asteroid Flora, the pair forming a tense square to Chiron, (who is moving slowly as he will Station Direct on December 13), as well as the asteroid Imhotep. Both asteroids are associated with healing! Imhotep was the Grand Vizer to pharaoh Jdozer, architect of the step pyramid and healing complex at Saqarra near Cairo and left records of an amazing understanding of surgery and the human body! He used sonar and toning to diagnose and heal his patients. Flora symbolizes flowering and ripening, associated with all kinds of herbal remedies and natural therapies.  So this 12 month period with Jupiter in Capricorn has the potential to heal and transform us all.

Jupiter in Capricorn’s highest manifestation would be increased integrity and a sense of destiny, with a need to restore integrity and ethical standards, extreme resourcefulness in developing resources and powering politics. It will bring intense and strong ambitions with a drive to lead and promote economic growth and power. The lower form of exhibition would be through controlling behaviors based on fear and feelings of futility. Self-righteous prejudice, dogma and rigid ideologies, used to manipulate religion or for political motives, as with Hitler and the Nazi regime.

This transit needs to be taken seriously but not without a glimmer of hope! Jupiter is after all about.joy, good luck and a path to expansion. But growth comes from well thought out plans rather than impulsive spontaneity in Capricorn. It will motivate you to create tangible structures with deep roots in Earth to build on the spiritual experiences obtained whilst in Sagittarius.  It is a time to recognize what you are truly capable of achieving through prolonged application and hard work.

Effort will be needed for anything worthwhile to be achieved, careful determined steps get the goat to the peak of the mountain. Hard won success will be the name of the game! You need to get all your ducks in a row, remain debt-free and keep your finances under control, then you will reap the rewards. Jupiter magnifies what is, helps us move beyond judgment, confront our truths and learn from experience. It is wisdom and self-mastery born from hard work and experience. In Saturn ruled Capricorn it brings you life lessons in duty, dedication and discipline, helps you commit to a path, build steadily, give structure to your vision, but also shelter and substance to humanity, not just individual survival.

After all Capricorn represents material and worldly success but remember the Midas touch story! Money doesn’t buy love or happiness. You need to work to prevent extremes of greed, success and hunger for wealth. Share good fortune and embody wisdom. Humility creates true greatness through kindness, temperance and compassion. You should aim to develop a mature perspective, keep your feet on the ground, set your vision for the future, choose your direction and stick to it. Work in a cautious, practical manner, persevering and steadily achieving your goals through optimism and gratitude.