Jupiter conjunction with Pluto and asteroid Pallas Athena this afternoon at 3.46 pm. This is their second of their three conjunctions of 2020, this time in retrograde motion, as will the asteroid Pallas Athena be, as she joins them again, this time partile in the same degree.  She is joining them more closely each time.  For the final conjunction on November 13, she will be exactly conjunct the pair to the degree and minute!  Pallas appears to have a major role to play with the big boys in bringing some more wisdom and strategic influences to bear.

Interstingly her Roman equivalent, the asteroid Minerva in Cancer, is making a 2 degree opposition to her at the time of the conjuction.  The stellium in Capricorn is making a closer  partile square to Dwarf planet Eris than that made in January when Saturn was conjunct Pluto.  Eris always loves to stir up trouble whenever she is connected with!  On this occasion she is opposed by the asteroid Asteria in Libra as well completing a Grand Square between all the players.  Hopefully the Goddess of the Stars can add her weight to the opposing Goddesses of Wisdom in maintaining a peaceful outcome, until all the information is on the table in November.

Jupiter made the first of three conjunctions with Pluto on April 5.  Because all three planetary bodies spend several months in retrograde motion from around May to September each year, Jupiter and Pluto will meet exactly 3 times in April, June and November, whilst both direct, retrograde and then direct again. While Jupiter’s amplifications can lead to excesses of personal ambition for power when combined with Pluto, the influence of Saturn through Capricorn will temper this with  limitations to material resources, time and space.  The difficulties we experience will help revision what needs to be developed or nurtured and what needs to be eradicated.

Jupiter/Pluto can bring an intense focus to penetrate beyond what previous conditioning and societal influences previously considered was possible.  In Capricorn this can bring us lessons of maturity and responsibility through accepting natural cycles of change that are presented.  We are presented with destiny but have the free will to determine whether we will respond to it with fear, denial or as an opportunity for learning and transformation.

Our understanding of the circumstances will require re-visioning in some way now in June /July, possibly due to the continuing changes we are experiencing on a more prolonged basis, to our ability to get out into the world and maintain our livlihood.  This will require contemplation and integration to determine how to proceed effectively, so that by November we will have learned to adjust our expectations and adapt to working with the new insights and awareness we have gained.  At the moment it’s time to reflect once more on what you are being asked to leave behind from life so that you can expand and grow into the person you have the ability always had to become.

This morning from 1 am to 5 am the Moon in Libra was merging energy with Asteria, adding her emotional energy to keeping things in harmony.  This evening as she increases her light from her First Quarter Phase towards Sunday’s Full Moon in Capricorn, she will be merging energy with Selene/ Selena the White Moon, named for the goddess who drives the Moon across the sky every night.