The multiple conjunctions between Saturn and Jupiter with Pluto in the later degrees of Capricorn have been the cause of much speculation with the current virus believed to have become an issue in Wuhan around January 13, when Saturn and Pluto made the first connection. Because China tried to suppress information getting out no one is certain of the exact date the infections began. Saturn briefly left Capricorn for Aquarius on March 22 and Jupiter makes the first of three conjunctions with Pluto on April 5.

Because all three planetary bodies spend several months in retrograde motion from around May to September each year, Jupiter and Pluto will meet exactly 3 times in April, June and November, whilst both direct, retrograde and then direct again. Finally both Saturn and Jupiter will leave Capricorn to make an exact conjunction in Aquarius on December 22. All of these conjunctions begin major new cycles between Saturn/Pluto (33-38 years), Jupiter/Pluto (13 years) and Jupiter/Saturn (20 years), during 2020! The beginnings of all these cycles around 23 degrees of Capricorn and 0 degrees of Aquarius are all ruled by Saturn, so governed by getting back to reality and establishing new rules for how society operates.

Saturn/Pluto was about adjusting ambitions to contend with the limitations in material resources the world was facing. Pluto’s influence will be felt all year as we face issues with societal structures that need innovative reform, especially global economics and systemic oppression of people’s rights. Some astrologers believe the long-term square between dwarf planets Eris and Pluto is also involved in the global pandemic, Eris being the archetype of strife, disharmony and competitive circumstances. Both bodies move extremely slowly but also make three exact hits during 2020.

While Jupiter’s amplifications can lead to excesses of personal ambition for power when combined with Pluto, the influence of Saturn through Capricorn will temper this with limitations to material resources, time and space. The difficulties we experience will help revision what needs to be developed or nurtured and what needs to be eradicated. Jupiter/Pluto can bring an intense focus to penetrate beyond what previous conditioning and societal influences previously considered was possible. In Capricorn this can bring us lessons of maturity and responsibility through accepting natural cycles of change that are presented.

We are presented with destiny but have the free will to determine whether we will respond to it with fear, denial or as an opportunity for learning and transformation. Our understanding of the circumstances we are exposed to currently with the planets merging energy in direct motion, will require re-visioning in some way in June /July, possibly due to additional events providing clarification. This will require contemplation and integration to determine how to proceed effectively, so that by November we will have learned to adjust our expectations and adapt to working with the new insights and awareness we have gained.

The first Jupiter/Pluto conjunction will be on April 5 at 11.49 am, the pair will be enmeshed with powerful asteroid Pallas Athena, warrior daughter of Zeus/Jupiter.  Pallas is a lover of justice and civilization, the principles of living together in harmony within the city.  While she is prepared to fight for equality, she is also known for her wisdom and creative intelligence in a more strategic manner than brute force of her step-bother Ares/Mars.  Interestingly Pallas mimics the retrograde cycles of Jupiter and Pluto, returning to connect within one degree of them at each of their three conjunctions this year.  You should be getting your first glimpse of how society needs to change and what you role could be in it, at this time.

The Moon in Virgo will merge energy with the  asteroid Urania from 11.30 am to 2.30 am reminding us that astrology prepares us, for all these energies that will present for us to deal  with.  Urania was the Muse of Astrology and Astronomy.