Jupiter Conjunct Neptune

Art by Astromatrix

The most talked about transit amongst astrologers for 2022 would have to be the Jupiter Neptune conjunction, exact on April 13 at 00.42 am, and 23 degrees and 58 minutes of Pisces. It will be within a one-degree orb, from April 8-18, and within the wider 8 degree orb favored by many astrologers from March 3 until Jupiter enters Aries on May 11. Like all conjunctions, this marks the start of a new cycle between these two “gas giants”. They come together every 12 to 13 years in line with the cycle of faster moving Jupiter around the Sun. Their conjunction in Pisces is much rarer however, last occurring in 1856 the year of Freud’s birth, 166 years ago. Their conjunction in the sign is felt to be more significant, as Jupiter was the traditional ruler of Pisces, before modern rulership was given to Neptune. Both planets have connections to spirituality, however Jupiter’s are more about judging what the rules or boundaries are regarding what you believe, whereas Neptune’s are more about dissolving them! Jupiter represents expansion, potential and excess, sometimes reflecting on where you have underestimated yourself! Neptune symbolizes our capacity to imagine and to dream, our link to the highest source in our belief system or nature.
As such this can be visionary or delusional. It tends to operate more unconsciously than Jupiter and relate to unresolved blockages or repressions brought over from past lives or childhood. The connection between Jupiter and Neptune may be what separates the individual mind from the collective mind, so open to channeling ideas, visions and perceptions that can even seem to be quite psychic in nature, the higher dimension of insight. Sometimes it can be difficult to differentiate the imagined world from reality and live in a world of fantasy. When well-integrated this can gain an even poetic dimension, an appreciation of beauty, nuance, sounds and color that come quite naturally and open the mind to higher forms of understanding and perception.

None of us know quite what to believe about what has been going on for the past few years, or what to believe moving forward! More than any other cycle you can benefit from looking back at your life in 2009, January 1997, January 1984, 1971, 1958 and September 1945. I was born in 1945 on the day between the atom bombing of Japan in August and emigrated to Australia in January 1971, so the cycle seems to be of significance to making new beginnings for me. It could be of special interest to see which houses of your chart are affected. Whilst I was born at a time of great world catastrophe with the conjunction in my 2nd house, (the next street to where my parents lived had been bombed in the war), the conjunction was in my 4th when I came to Australia, a move that changed my life and I have never regretted. I believe it will be a time to develop a true understanding about what your spiritual values are and how well you are living them. We may be disillusioned about what is going on around us in the outer world but can only really control our inner world, how we behave and what we believe!
The Sabian Symbol for the 24th degree of Pisces is, ”On a small island surrounded by the vast expanse of the sea, people are seen living in close interaction”. It describes how we need to accept our personal limitations, in order to concentrate our energies and live a centered and fulfilled life.

The chart for the exact conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Melbourne shows it to be make an easy opposition to the Nodal Axis with a tight orb of just one degree. This indicates significance to collective growth towards integration, energy flowing in an effortless fashion to the North Node in Taurus facilitating the ability to work productively in assimilating the Scorpio South Node. At the same time Saturn will be squaring the Nodal Axis by a mere 8 minutes of arc, adding his emphasis to work diligently towards this necessary integration.