Gemini Full Moon in War Zone

The Gemini Full Moon will be on November 27, at 8.16 pm and 4 degrees and 51 minutes of the sign, it’s 5th degree. The Sabian Symbol for the Moon is “A revolutionary magazine asking for action”. This describes the explosive tendency of repressed feelings and root emotions it indicates reaching beyond established forms. How relevant to our current situation in the world with so many people, even children marching in the streets against war and the indiscriminate carnage of innocent bystanders! Wanting to make their outrage heard, very Gemini!

The symbol associated with the Sun in Sagittarius is “An old owl sits alone on the branch of a large tree”. This speaks of translucidity, a poised and wise approach to existence, based on a clear perception of unconscious factors and their operation.

Luna will be separating from a wide OOS conjunction with Sedna at 29 Taurus 56’, so bad choices around masculine and feminine energy may have occurred in the past.

Sol will be separating from making a stellium from Ceres 00 Sagittarius 55’ through to Mars, Osiris and Pele 03 Sagittarius 41’. This will form a Grand Square, or Cross, with Saturn at 00 Pisces 56’ and Artemis 00 Virgo 46 with Hekate 05 Virgo 25”. Artemis and Hekate both are connected to the Moon’s cycle in her respective Crescent and Crone phases. Saturn is looking to ground all this emotional energy and provide elements of structure and/or timing. However, he is wallowing in the watery sign of Pisces himself! The Sun will be heavily influenced by earthy grief flowing from Ceres, Osiris, and angry Pele; however Mars in Sagittarius will push to move on away from past grievances.

Gemini Full Moon 2023

The Moon/Sedna will also be the focal point of a Yod from Orpheus 03 Capricorn 48, sextile Pallas Athena 03 Scorpio 27’ conjunct witchy Medea at 06 Scorpio 00’. Bothe Orpheus and Medea made bad choices in their respective myths. Orpheus to turn around just before leaving Hades to rescue his dead wife; and Medea for helping Jason steal the Golden Fleece committing patricide in the process. This will actually be a double yod key, through a sextile from Orpheus to Saturn and focal point on Gaea, Mother Earth, at 02 Leo 54 conjunct Achilles at 05 Leo 18’.

There are many battles of adjustment to be won through the four quincunxes! Gaea and Achilles will also provide an easy opposition (trine and sextile) to the Full Moon, helping Luna and Sol integrate their own emotional differences. The series of productive sextiles from Saturn to Orpheus, Sun and Artemis suggest that the Solar side of the integration is likely to end up having the highest level of leverage.